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Beautiful Michigan! The View from an Out-of-State DPT

By Khoa Lam

Sleeping Bear National Park

Spring is finally here and as a non-native resident, I have to say, it’s beautiful here in Michigan. Having lived for many years in Oklahoma and Missouri, I’m still adjusting to the remarkable landscape and scenery that makes this state so unique. It’s hard not to notice the lush green grass and countless trees in bloom that cover vast expanses along highways and throughout neighborhoods. There are tulips everywhere and in almost every color of the visible spectrum.

Drive for a bit in almost any direction and you will likely find one of many crystal blue lakes peppering the state. My personal favorite is Lake Michigan. The views of the lake are incredible as you’re sitting atop one of the many sand dunes in Sleeping Bear. Peering across the tranquil water as the sun sets is an unforgettable experience so a camera is a must-have to capture those colorful moments. Travel further Northeast from Sleeping Bear and you’ll find the Mackinaw Bridge which leads to the highly forested Upper Peninsula. The trip to Mackinaw doesn’t take too long and the visuals along the way are fantastic with lakeshore views and trees everywhere!

Short’s Brewery is on the way and is one of the finest breweries around. It’s a gem like many other unique stops throughout Michigan, tucked away in the quaint town of Bellaire. No matter the destination, traveling through the state of Michigan in Spring and Summer is an experience for the senses. The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes found throughout Michigan are reminders of the great diversity within the state.

Whether you’re in to the hustle and bustle of Detroit or the calm serenity of the many lakes and parks, there is something for everyone. Having the opportunity to attend school at UM-Flint and exploring this incredible state has been one of the highlights of my stay here and I look forward to many more adventures down the road!

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