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  1. What is your previous degree(s) in and where did you earn it/them?

Secondary Education with a major in Unified Science and minor in French from Wayne State University.

  1. Why did you select UM-Flint for your graduate studies?

I found that the University of Michigan-Flint’s program provided me with the opportunity to earn an Educational Technology Graduate Degree completely online. The educational flexibility and the excellent reputation of the University of Michigan-Flint were two the determining components with my decision to attend the University of Michigan-Flint.

  1. What is something that has surprised you about UM-Flint?

One thing that has surprised me about the University of Michigan-Flint is the availability of the instructors via in-person or via e-mail and their willingness to provide constant assistance and constructive feedback.

  1. What sets the Educational Technology program apart?

One of the aspects that is unique from other programs at other institutions is the University of Michigan-Flint’s program offers two different tracks to choose from based upon your academic interest and career goals. One of the tracks is the Developer Track and the other track is the Curriculum and Instruction Track. The University Michigan-Flint places a great emphasis on being creative, resourceful and inventive with projects and learning within their students. The students have the opportunity to participate and attend the Institute for Innovation in Education to extend their professional network and expand their knowledge.

  1. What is your highest aspiration? How will obtaining your graduate degree from UM-Flint help in pursuing it?

My highest aspiration is to be able to integrate education technology in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). By obtaining my Educational Technology degree from the University of Michigan-Flint, I will be able to implement the various different technological information and strategies that I have acquired to assist my students in achieving their academic language goals in 21st century.

  1. Employers tell us UM-Flint graduates exhibit unique qualities that help them excel in real working environments. Can you describe some of the ways UM-Flint has prepared you for greater success in the real world?

One of the ways that the University of Michigan-Flint has prepared me for great success in the real world is by providing me with the opportunity to collectively collaborate with other students via online through various modes of technology. Since we are in the 21st Century, we need to recognize that our society is constantly communicating through different modes of technology. The introduction and utilization of the different modes of communication (i.e. Canvas, Blue Jeans, Moodle, Blackboard, etc.) and technology (i.e. computers, tablets, cell phones, cameras, etc.) during my classes at the University of Michigan-Flint has allowed me to integrate my knowledge and information with the students that I currently work with.

  1. Who is the person who has made the biggest impact on your UM-Flint career (professor, advisor, mentor, fellow student, alum, etc.)? How specifically did they affect your life?

The person who has made the biggest impact on my University of Michigan-Flint career has been Dr. Jeff Kupperman. I have had several courses in the Educational Technology program where he has been my professor. Dr. Kupperman’s forward-thinking and progressive outlook had assisted with me the opportunity to creatively brainstorm ideas for the establishment and development of a long term project for the Project Design and Fieldwork courses. His ability to allow his students to focus, create and maintain their own ideas and interests on projects has been an excellent teaching and learning strategy and technique to inspire and promote their educational learning.

  1. What is “newsworthy” about your time or work in your graduate program and/or at UM-Flint?

My Project Design and Fieldwork research project. This project has allowed me to discover and explore my interests with greater detail. There are three interests that I have incorporated and integrated into my project: technology, language acquisition (in particular English as a Second Language students acquiring language) and culture (American and Native American cultures). This project has provided me with the opportunity to globally and regionally network with other educators from the elementary level to the collegiate level that are currently in the involved in the field of language and culture. Throughout the process of this project, I have had the chance to observe, learn, collaborate and experience the vital importance of being in the field to establish the connections with several educators within the various classrooms and communities. It has truly been a unique opportunity to explore and expand my perspective and knowledge.

  1. What is something you think UM-Flint’s Educational Technology program should brag about more? What do they do especially well?  Better than anyone else?

The University of Michigan-Flint’s Educational Technology program inspires and motivates their students to become “The Leaders and The Best”. By providing their students with the chance to collaborate with other students and other educators via online or in person to reinforce their communication skills and establish community networking. The program instructors are actively in the field of technology, which assists with providing insight and information for the students. The University of Michigan-Flint extends learning opportunities that develop and enhance their student’s interests, which awakens their desire and determination to achieve more and present only “the best” work and professional image.








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