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Scholarship and Support: Arahshiel Silver’s Experience in the MA in Liberal Studies Program

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After finishing a bachelor’s degree in history “better late than never,” Arahshiel Silver knew she wanted to continue her education and began looking for a master’s program that fit her needs. She considered many factors when choosing a program, but most importantly, she was looking for the flexibility to pursue the research that motivated her.

Amy Coughlin Talks Personal and Professional Growth in the MA in Literacy Ed Program

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When I made a career transition from classroom teacher to literacy interventionist, I wanted to get my reading specialist endorsement, and I was thrilled to learn UM-Flint offered an MA in Literacy Ed program. The program is almost entirely online, so I can teach, parent my 2- and 4-year olds, and fit in the coursework

Changing How Math is Taught: Jenelle Hynes on the Pace and Relevance of the MA in Math Education Program

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Jenelle Hynes is a third grade teacher at Atherton Elementary School and current graduate student in the MA program in Mathematics Education for Elementary & Early Childhood Educators. She wanted to go into a graduate program for education but had a difficult time finding a program that really spoke to her. After searching for months

Jessica Kitchner Took Her Life in a New Direction With the Master of Public Administration

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Jessica Kitchner is passionate about English literacy. She spent years teaching English in Japan and Russia, before working with immigrant and refugee families with the Genesee Intermediate School District. She was making a difference, but her bachelor’s degree in political science meant she lacked the formal credentials to be a teacher in Michigan. Jessica knew

Dalton Sink is Advancing his Aquatic Biology Career With the MS in Biology

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Dalton Sink is interested in freshwater biology. After earning his bachelor’s in Biology from UM-Flint, he accepted a position as an environmental biologist at the Holly-based company Aqua-Weed, where he conducts water quality testing and lake consulting. In particular, he is concerned with the development of safe—and effective—plant control methods. To take his work to

Keeping Up with Trending Technologies, by Sai Prem Suhas Tavva

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“Need of The Hour To Up Skill On Trending Technologies” by Sai Prem Suhas Tavva, international graduate student In the last few centuries, the world has witnessed an exponential growth in the emergence of new technologies. Companies are already employing computers and robots for work that earlier required humans. These computers and automated machines are

Benefits of Graduate Study in Computer Science at U of M-Flint

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Blog by Tsenguun Tsogbadrakh   I’m an international student who just finished the first year of my master’s degree. There were many factors I considered when choosing this school, but there are some things that I had to experience myself in order to appreciate. While I was researching graduate computer science programs, what our school