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Blog by Tsenguun Tsogbadrakh


I’m an international student who just finished the first year of my master’s degree. There were many factors I considered when choosing this school, but there are some things that I had to experience myself in order to appreciate.

While I was researching graduate computer science programs, what our school has to offer was better than most other universities. My background was not from computer science, therefore, I had to take several undergraduate courses to catch up with the material, and this program is called the Fast-Track option. But the most important factors when choosing this school were the reputation and the competitiveness of the tuition.

Every graduate program has its own advantages, but specific to our computer science program, we have the option to view our lectures online and this was beneficial for learning the subject matter. Also, the class size plays important role too in the learning experience, and all of my classes had the ideal enrollment of students. The faculty were always willing to help and they do care about the students.

Besides coursework, I’m very satisfied for taking a role of Graduate Student Research Assistant. I had the opportunity of doing research with my adviser and it took the majority of my time. I can say this was a very fulfilling experience, and we’re in the process of publishing our paper. Because of all the wonderful research experience I’ve gained, I’m planning to continue my education to earn a PhD.

I’ve also worked at the Student Success Center and as a grader for one of the courses I took. These were all helpful for me, as I enjoy teaching and interacting with other students, and I’m going to continue my work there.

All in all, the time I’ve spent in University of Michigan – Flint was worth it, and I’m looking forward to finishing my degree next year.