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In today’s Graduate Student Spotlight, we’re highlighting Tamekia Nash-Walls! Tamekia is studying to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner! Tamekia is devoted to her studies, and greatly enjoys the practical parts of her studies. Her specialization in Psychiatric Mental Health is one that she’s been interested in for some time, and she enjoys having the space and support to learn more. Tamekia is committed to becoming the best caregiver she can be, and focuses on her classwork to accomplish this. She is friendly with her cohort as well, as she enjoys the network and support her fellow classmates and her professors bring to the table. Thank you for participating in the Graduate Student Spotlight, Tamekia! We asked her our usual questions, and here’s what she had to say:

What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Graduate Program?

My favorite experiences have been working my clinical course.

What’s Been Your Favorite Class?

Anatomy and Physiology!

What’s Your Favorite Part of Campus?

The William S. White Building!

Any Advice for Other Students?

Create space for your studies, and get to know other students in your cohort!