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Welcome back to the Graduate Student Spotlight! Today, we’re highlighting Masters of Business Administration student, with a focus in Marketing and Innovation Management, Ruudy Olupot! Ruudy is a small business owner looking to enhance and hone his business skills with a Masters here at UM-Flint. As an online student, Ruudy is extremely hardworking and enthusiastic about his program. He enjoys learning about different aspects of business, and the pitfalls other businesses can face without strategic planning. One of his favorite areas to research is Success Syndrome, and how it has affected even large businesses in the past, as well as smaller ones. We’re happy to have Ruudy studying here at UM-Flint, and we asked him our usual questions. Thank you, Ruudy!

What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Graduate Program?

The discussion boards. Discussing topical issues with colleagues and seeing other people POV on many subjects. 

What’s Been Your Favorite Class?

Entrepreneurship. As a small business owner in Uganda, this class has been very helpful and I have been able to apply a lot of the concepts we learnt. 

What’s Your Favorite Part of Campus?

I have so far had my classes online but look forward to visiting campus next month. So far, I love how we can get all we need in Canvas. 

Any Advice for Other Students?

Don’t be timid. Be open. Ask questions, email the professors, be open with your colleagues if you need help, plan your studies well and do your assignments on time and you will enjoy every bit of graduate school.