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Hello everyone! The Graduate Student Spotlight is back for the new year, and we’re featuring even more of our impressive student body! In today’s Graduate Student Spotlight, we’re highlighting Physician Assistant student, Kirah Osentoski! As a Physician Assistant student, Kirah is studying methods to help patients and improve their lives. She’s hard-working and committed to her program, always looking out for her fellow classmates. Kirah appreciates the supportive environment of our PA program, how her classmates and herself look out for each other, and how the staff checks in on them and their progress. She wants to become the best provider of patient care she can, but always remembers that she’s still only human. Having healthy expectations of herself, while still pushing forward and making the most of her education, we’re happy to have Kirah as a student! We asked her the usual questions, and here are her answers:

What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Graduate Program?

The faculty and the other people in my program. We have such supportive, encouraging faculty who go above and beyond to make our educational environment the best possible. Not only do they ensure that we are competent providers but stress the importance of being human at the same time. 

The people in my program are so encouraging and we all push each other to be the best we can be. You are never alone in any endeavor. 

What’s Your Favorite Part of Campus?

The study rooms in the White Building and in the study area in the Murchie Science Building. 

Any Advice for Other Students?

Being a graduate student is such a high stress, intense, and fast pace journey. There are uncontrollable ups and downs but keeping your head high and working hard will allow you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Remember to take time to relax, laugh, and have fun.