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For today’s Graduate Student Spotlight, we’re highlighting American Studies student, Louie Hernandez! Louie is a creative, forward thinker with a sense of humor. He’s very involved with his program, and enjoys having the opportunity and space to explore a number of advanced research topics. He’s cheerful, always thinking ahead, and appreciates the support staff gives him and his cohort to explore new areas of study. Louie strives to make the most of his graduate studies, and enjoys the campus environment of innovation and collaboration. We’re happy to have Louie and the rest of his cohort as students, and hope that he continues to thrive! Here’s his responses to the usual questions we asked. 

What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Graduate Program?

My favorite part of my graduate program is being involved in so many topics as well as the multitude of opportunities to do research. I love this program so far.

What’s Your Favorite Part of Campus?

I love the campus’s library, it reminds me of Harry Potter.

Any Advice for Other Students?

Strive for what makes you happy and feel accomplished, there’s almost always an option out there for you!