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Hello all, and thank you for joining us once again for the Office of Graduate Programs Graduate Student Spotlight! In this week’s spotlight, we’re introducing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy student, Skye Verschure! Skye has wanted to become a Physical Therapist for some time now, and is diligent in her studies. She is extremely dedicated to her program, and looking forward to providing the best patient care she can! As usual, we asked Skye about her thoughts on her program, and what kinds of advice she can give to her fellow students. She gave us the following answers: 

What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Graduate Program?

My favorite part of my graduate program has been my fundamentals of patient management course because I get to learn and practice the most basic skills of being a physical therapist and it makes it all seem so real like my dreams are coming true. 

What’s Your Favorite Part of Campus?

My favorite part of campus is the library. Its quiet, we have access to plenty of private spaces and study areas, and it offers a great view of the river for when I’m stressed and just need to relax for a few minutes. 

Any Advice for Other Students?

My advice to other students is that the start of any semester can be so overwhelming and stressful. A new semester can majorly take a toll on a person mentally.  Its important to do what you can, take time if you truly need it to relax, and push through because we’ve done this before and we will do it again. It takes time to adapt and it is overwhelming but you will get into the swing of things and it will all be okay.