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Welcome back to the Graduate Student Spotlight! This week, we welcome Master of Computer Science and Information Systems student, Nicole Kowalczyk! Nicole is another online student and a working mother. She’s excited to have the chance to attend grad school with the flexibility required to fit her schedule, and is passionate about working with her advisors and professors on her path to success! We asked Nicole some of our usual questions about what she likes best about UM-Flint, and here’s what she had to say:

What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Graduate Program?

The online asynchronous/synchronous setup, it gives online students the ability to still have the in-class experience but have the flexibility of an online class. It makes it easier for a full-time working mom to attend grad school and get the most out of the lectures and still work with my schedule and allow me to login to class from wherever I need to be at that time.

Any Advice for Other Students?
Find what works best for you, whether it be in seat/on campus classes, fully online/asynchronous courses, or online synchronous course so you are still getting the lecture but have the flexibility of an online class. Never be afraid to reach out with questions whether it be to your advisor or to your professors. I was always shy and did not like reaching out to ask questions but it has made a difference in my experience and helped boost my confidence that I am on the right path for success!