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Faculty Spotlight: Douglas Zytko

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A new day brings another faculty spotlight with it! Today’s spotlight is on Professor Douglas Zytko of our College of Innovation and Technology! Professor Zytko teaches classes in Human-computer interaction and Computer Ethics. He currently studies and designs computer-mediated consent to interpersonal behavior as a lens to prevent abuse online. Much of his research is

Navigating Grad School: Imrul Shuva’s Journey in Computer Science and Research

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The road to success in graduate school is paved with unique challenges and triumphs, especially for those pursuing their aspirations in a foreign country. In this week’s Victors in Grad School podcast, Imrul Shuva, a graduate student in Computer Science and Information Systems at the University of Michigan Flint, shared his insightful journey through graduate

Lessons Learned: Scott Gifford’s Insights on Deepening Understanding and Continuous Learning

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Welcome back to another episode of the Victors in Grad School podcast! I’m your host, Dr. Christopher Lewis, and today we have a fantastic guest joining us. Scott Gifford, a Principal Engineer at Amazon, will be sharing his journey through graduate school and his success in the field of computer science. Scott started his academic

If you think you can do it, you can with John Hart

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This week on the Victors in Grad School podcast, we are joined by John Hart, State Administrative Manager for the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget.  We talk to John Hart about his own graduate school experiences and his journey from attending the University of Michigan-Flint for his Bachelors to returning to UM-Flint to

Graduate Student Spotlight: Nicole Kowalczyk

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Welcome back to the Graduate Student Spotlight! This week, we welcome Master of Computer Science and Information Systems student, Nicole Kowalczyk! Nicole is another online student and a working mother. She’s excited to have the chance to attend grad school with the flexibility required to fit her schedule, and is passionate about working with her