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Best job on campus!

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Shhh. Don’t tell anyone… but I have the most fun job on campus. Why is it the most fun job on campus, you ask? Because I get to meet all different kinds of people from all different kinds of places who are studying all different kinds of subjects, and writing about all different kinds of

Tutors Make Mistakes Too

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Lets face it, yes, tutors would like to believe that they are perfect and can do no wrong when it comes to the writing world. The fact of the matter is that tutors are humans and in being humans they are flawed, even if they claim they aren’t. We have lives, classes and other crazy

Scheduling Appointments

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Appointments at the Marian E. Wright writing center are primarily set up between thirty minute and one hour appointments.  It is important to note that the guidelines regarding these two types of appointments are based on the length of the paper that will be discussed. It is suggested that students make appointments of 30 minutes

Tutoring for the deaf community

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I would like to take this opportunity to talk about a topic that I am interested in and plan to write about over the course of the semester for my directed writing assignment. That topic is tutoring for the deaf community. This topic interests me because over the years while I can not sign I