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This poem was the 1st Place Winner in our 4th Annual Poetry Contest.


Flint and Steel was a Match–

recycle ‘em now, substitute the strength

for rust, reuse the dust in a length

of pipe and pump poison through the latch.


Better Men Built the City on a Tilt–

spin the wager over three-years’ winter, pause

‘em like watches missing spring, till the underline thaws

and stains brown the quilted streets woven with guilt.


An Industry Deflated by Hearsay!–

carry the news by the case,

bottle ‘em up like ships of better taste;

intercepted by a State of Parley.


There’s a Lead Balloon Descending! Send the Hint–

trace it along the river’s meander as it collapses

toward the damned, draw in its gases like smoke from ashes,

forgo the tragic match and mold a new fit;

Demand from our heavy lungs: A “Stronger, Prouder” Flint.