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Melissa was chosen as the winner of the poetry category during our February 2017 Love Stinks writing contest.


To the one thing that never made sense,

You always had a way to break my fence.

It was never clear where you came from,

But in the end you showed what you could become.


As that feeling one just can’t let go,

You sure are something everyone should know.

Time moves forward with all the love,

But seems to fly high like the wings of a dove.


It’s times like this when you’re around,

I find things better floating above the ground.

You show new light everywhere you are,

And take me more places than my own car.


Come visit more often and you will see,

This town needs you, just like me.

Passion, love and lust alike,

The town knows we are all alike.


Life is new when you’re in town,

And no one’s heart appears on the ground.

How do you keep that feeling alive,

When no one seems to want to take that dive?


It’s now or never, I’ve been told,

To run the tides and keep that hold.

Don’t be scared, you always say,

You’ve got the time, so come out and play.


The time has come to give the shove,

Into your time, your name is love.