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Upsilon Phi Delta is a national academic honor society for students in healthcare management, leadership or administration. The name is derived from the Greek words for health, care and administration (or leadership):

Υγείας  meaning “health” Φροντίδα meaning “care”Διοίκηση meaning “to administer” or “to lead”

The founders of the society feel that Health is the objective of all our work; that Caring is an essential trait of all people in health care; and that Leadership is the essential trait of those who would lead and manage our healthcare systems. The University of Micigan- Flint Chapter of Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society inducteed five new memebers on Friday March 10, 2017.  Congratulations on your hard work and accomplishment:

  • Sosha Barnett
  • Saville Gibson
  • Asher Grinnell
  • Mikhara Harvey
  • Stephanie Stone