Public Health & Health Sciences Blog

Public Health and Health Sciences is excited to announce our new appointment scheduling on-line process! Using the Appointment-Plus system, the worldwide leader in online scheduling solutions, students will be able to conveniently schedule all types of appointments ranging from Academic Advising, Internship, Anticipated Graduation, Thesis, general course concerns and many more. You need only to click the link at and click on “Create Your Account” to get started.

Once you have entered your credentials, your profile will be saved in the system for all future appointment log ins. For convenience, please feel free to use your LAN password and Uniqname as it will be easy to remember. Appointments can be made from the comfort of your home, at the time that is convenient to you, or even on the go from your mobile device. No more waiting in long lines, or for the office to open, or even to make a phone call! Also, as a special feature with this new process, all appointment reminders will be sent to your UM-Flint email and as a text to your cell phone!

We encourage you to use this process going forward, and reminders will be posted throughout our website and social media outlets. Please reference the screenshots below for a step by step process to create your log in!