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Jasmine Clark, healthcare administration senior, has been selected for a paid summer internship position with the Genesee Health System (GHS).

Ms. Clark, who plans to graduate in December, will begin her work with GHS in May and work as many as 30 hours per week throughout the summer.

The selection process for this position was highly competitive. Candidates were required to submit their resume, cover letter, transcript, letter of recommendation and a 500-word essay in order to apply. Assistant professor, Dr. Gergana Kodjebacheva, provided Ms. Clark’s letter of recommendation.

More about the Genesee Health System…

“The Genesee Health System has been the primary Genesee County public service provider for individuals with serious mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders for nearly 50 years.” Danis Russell, CEO, Genesee Health System.

The organization recognizes the “interconnectedness of the body, the mind, and the community” and values “the integration of physical and behavioral health care.” To learn more about GHS, visit their Web site at