Dr. Amy Gresock, Assistant Professor of Management

Dr. Amy GresockDr. Gresock received her B.S. and M.S. degrees from the Pennsylvania State University and her Ph.D. in Business Administration with concentrations in Strategy and Entrepreneurship and a minor in Research Methods from the University of Central Florida. She has also earned a graduate certificate in Teaching with Technology. Currently, she is Assistant Professor of Management in the School of Management. She has been involved with the Honors Program for two years and is a member of the Honors Council.

Dr. Gresock has taught business courses at the university level for 10 years, the last four being here at UM-Flint. She typically teaches capstone courses (Strategic Management) and Introduction to Entrepreneurship both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

When asked what she enjoys the most about working with Honors students, she said, “Our Honors students love learning! They have a desire to go above and beyond because of the passion they have for their subject areas. It’s very exciting to work with students who have the level of dedication and creativity that they do! They exceed expectations, and I learn so much from them!” These interactions are what encouraged her to run for Honors Council. “I’ve met some incredible students who have tremendous potential. Working with them beyond the classroom… and having the chance to contribute to make the Honors Program even more beneficial to the students, was something that I was extremely interested in.”

She brings previous professional experience as a Strategic Consultant, a Business Plan editor, and an entrepreneur to her students. She guides them by monitoring their progress and by offering advice and insight on business and research issues. Her own research, which is conducted on resource accumulation processes prior to firm launch, has been presented at conferences such as the Babson Entrepreneurship Conference and published in outlets such as the Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development.

Dr. Gresock looks forward to continuing her work with the Honors Program and working closely with Honors students. She had this to add: “Many students in our program truly enjoy it, and they can see the value added. I’ve had students mention that the program has been of particular benefit when applying to graduate programs. Graduate schools appreciate that extra effort put in to be part of the program. Also, I have witnessed lasting friendships evolve between students and research collaborations with faculty. Yes, the program is extra work, but students find that it is ‘worth it’, and I definitely agree!”


Dr. Quamrul Mazumder – Associate Professor and Program Director of Mechanical Engineering

mazumder1Dr. Mazumder received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Bangladesh Agricultural University, his M.S. from South Dakota State University, his MBA from Oklahoma State University, and his Ph.D. from The University of Tulsa. “I have worked in aerospace industries such as Honeywell and NASA for 18 years prior to my academic career.”

When asked how he got involved with the Honors Program, he said, “My interaction with Honors Program director and students started since my arrival at UM-Flint. My teaching philosophies align closely with the Honors Program as I am passionate about student success by integrating them in the learning process.” Dr. Mazumder uses “metacognition and experiential learning methodologies” to motivate students to become better learners. He also advises Honors engineering students to “develop a seamless plan of study by balancing engineering and the Honors Program courses.”

Teaching 15 Engineering courses over the past seven years, at UM-Flint, Dr. Mazumder has developed, or redeveloped, most of those to create a better learning environment for his students. Two of the courses he teachers are General Education courses: one in technology and the other in Social Science. He is constantly thinking of ways to immerse students in the concepts of Engineering.

mazumder2Dr. Mazumder enjoys working on projects involving “breakthrough technologies such as computational fluid dynamics analysis to analyze the pressure drops in arteries. Students are encouraged to brainstorm and develop open ended approaches towards solution through extensive literature survey. Students also develop strategies, cost, and project schedules for implementation of the project. In most cases, experimental validation of the simulation or model is done for the study.”

Having written or co-authored up to 54 publications, twenty years of experience in the engineering industry, and teaching since 2006, Dr. Mazumder is a great resource for our Honors students. He is continuously attempting to recruit more students to work on research projects, and his passion for teaching and for his students is undeniable. “My inspiration in teaching is to contribute to the greater benefit to society and mankind. This can be achieved by helping students become successful and motivate them to contribute towards positive change to the world.” He has been known to say, “Engineering isn’t hard. Send them to me: I will show them it is easy.”


Paula Nas, J.D., Lecturer IV, Economics

Paula Nas

Paula has been involved with the Honors Program long before she began teaching part time at UM-Flint in 1992. She was an Honors student herself in the early years of the program beginning in 1983. Her cohort was only 18 students, in contrast to the over 70 students in today’s freshmen cohort. Paula began teaching full time at UM-Flint in 1995. She received her B.A. from UM-Flint, her M.A. from Michigan State University, and her J.D. from Wayne State University.

When looking back at her personal experience, Paula said, “The Honors Program gave me my first opportunity to travel abroad, to appreciate other cultures, and to see the world. It gave me a well-rounded education.” Writing her Honors thesis helped teach her research methods. “It’s what made me want to go to grad school.” Paula went to Brussels and Germany for her Off-campus study project where she studied the migration of labor in European countries.

As an Honors Alum, it was a natural progression for Paula to start working with Honors students as an Honors Representative/Mentor, and as an Honors Council member. Her work with Honors students involves reading Economics student theses, advising students on their Off-campus study proposals, as well as some cross-disciplinary advising when students need economics data for papers, theses, or reports.

Where she enjoys working with Honors students the most is at World Fest. Paula is the Director for the Department of Economics’ Center for Economic Education, which hosts the annual event where upwards of 400 4th and 5th grade students come together to research topics such as economics, geography, culture, and political systems that they relate to a nation they choose. Paula recruits Honors students to supervise groups of children at the event. The Honors Students are able to bank needed service time, and Paula gets reliable ambassadors for the university to help her with the event. It’s a win-win.

Paula said, “The Honors students have always been a tight group who keep in touch even years after graduating from UM-Flint.”  She still keeps in touch with a few of her Honors cohort. She looks forward to continuing her work with the Honors Program.