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Need Encouragement for Grad School? Read Melissa’s post…

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Blog by Melissa Vong, MA in Early Childhood Education student  “When you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” –Unknown I have never written a blog post before, but while my piece may be longer than some, if you need encouragement to pursue a graduate degree or to choose

Feral Swine Research – MS in Biology

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Feral Swine Research – Highlight of MS in Biology Student, Amberly Hauger Feral swine. That’s right, wild hogs. They are a bigger problem than you might realize. In numbers, feral swine can cause extensive damage to forests, agricultural lands, and Michigan’s water resources. They can also host many parasites and diseases that threaten humans, domestic

A “Liberal” Path to Ph.D. at Waterloo

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In 2011, I decided to return to the University of Michigan-Flint for a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. It was difficult choosing between a Master of Arts in English and the Liberal Studies degree. What I really liked about the MA in Liberal Studies, however, was that it would allow me to pursue different

From Heart Failure to Home – MPH

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In 2009 Amy suffered an unexpected sudden cardiac arrest. Eight years later she’s excelling in UM-Flint’s Master of Public Health. Read Amy’s story below… On March 19, 2009, I suffered an unexpected Sudden Cardia Arrest that changed my life forever. This led me to need a heart transplant; I was transplanted with a new heart on

Q & A – Educational Technology & Suzette Elliot

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What is your previous degree(s) in and where did you earn it/them? Secondary Education with a major in Unified Science and minor in French from Wayne State University. Why did you select UM-Flint for your graduate studies? I found that the University of Michigan-Flint’s program provided me with the opportunity to earn an Educational Technology

Public Health: dynamic, diverse & booming!

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Grad Blog by Pranita Sharma, Public Health student “Public Health is a dynamic, diverse, and booming field. Many students are interested in pursuing a degree in Public Health these days from all over the world.”   I have been with MPH program at UM-Flint for two years and I would like to share some of