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On today’s Graduate Student Spotlight, we welcome Physician Assistant student Brittany Douglas! Brittany is a friendly and cheerful member of her cohort, interested in pursuing her career from many different angles. Brittany enjoys working with her faculty mentors, and is excited to see what she and her cohort can do once they enter the field professionally. She’s particularly interested in the cross-section of Physician Assistants and the legislative process, as some of her current research features her investigating legislative opportunities for the future. We’re happy that she took some time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions– with that in mind, here’s what she had to say! 

What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Graduate Program?

The faculty!

What’s Been Your Favorite Class?

Clinical Medicine

What’s Your Favorite Part of Campus?

Walking from the White Building to the gym! 

Any Advice for Other Students?

No matter the journey to your future profession, learn the most you can from every life experience!