MA in Arts Administration

A University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School Program


Office of Graduate Programs


Academic Advising: To find out who is your assigned academic advisor: contact Director Broughton of Linda Blakey. Students are required to meet with their assigned advisor at least once each fall and winter semester in order to be able to register.


Internships: Your academic advisor can assist with identifying an appropriate internship venue. You then need to submit an internship application to Director Broughton. The program faculty will approve your application and the course itself will be overseen by Director Broughton. Contact [email protected] to receive and submit the application form. Be sure to keep your academic and thesis advisor(s) apprised of your internship plans.


For International Students: The International Center


Best Practices for Graduate Students


MA in Arts Administration Thesis Proposal Guidelines revis…


Rackham Thesis Advisee Responsibilities