MA in Arts Administration

A University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School Program



About the program: The Master of Arts in Arts Administration offers trains you to be an arts professional, to work with the best and brightest in community, commercial, and non-profit arts organizations, in either the performing arts or the visual arts. Graduates of this degree go on to careers that are meaningful and fulfilling, becoming integral members of administrative teams in the art world.

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The Rackham Graduate School:  The Rackham Graduate School that offers the degree in Flint is a highly prestigious school with unique benefits and advantages. Graduates of this program are graduates of the University of Michigan. As a graduate, your diploma will identify you as having earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Michigan.


Length: The program is designed as a 2-year full-time program. However, students may complete the program part-time (i.e. in 4 years) with completion dates being flexible and guided by their academic advisors. Courses vary in format but include some that are in-person, online, in mixed-mode, in the evenings, or in self-directed formats (such as directed research and internships).


Curriculum Tracks: Students choose between a museum track, for those wishing to work in the visual arts, and a performing arts track, for those seeking a career in the performing arts world of music and theatre. Students with an interest in both areas should consult with the program Director and academic advisors in each area to find the best fit.


The City of Flint Advantage: The city of Flint’s rich and diverse arts community is an invaluable source of inspiration, information, and ideas. UM-Flint’s longstanding relationship with such community partners as the Flint Institute of Arts, Flint Institute of Music, Sloan Museum, and others provides our students with endless opportunities to explore new possibilities. Also, as part of the world renowned University of Michigan system, UM-Flint can tap additional resources, expertise, and contacts at our sister campuses in Dearborn and Ann Arbor to assist our students, their research, and other initiatives.