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A Different Kind of Book-Burning

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Chair’s note: The following is a guest post by Brian Gebhart, one of our majors. I think he makes a strong case for taking English Studies seriously. It is my hope that you, dear reader, will agree.  When I applied to college, I had to write a number of essays. It comes with the territory,

Who Are These People, Anyway?® curls up with a good book . . . and thinks that you should too.

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2012-13 got too busy for us all to find the time to check in with you.  But here we are, a few days before “summer” comes to UM-Flint!  For this go-round, we asked ourselves what we were most determined to read this summer, and then each suggested a must-read title for you.  Below you’ll find

Who Are These People, Anyway? visits the “vast wasteland”!

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Remember us?  We’re English Department faculty, and we can’t resist telling you more about ourselves, especially in mildly embarrassing ways.  This time around, respondents were asked to identify their favorite tv programming of yesteryear, along with what kind of trash they might be caught watching during an idle moment now.  Do English teachers watch tv