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Andrew Kruse-Ross (1977-2020)

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Andrew Kruse-Ross (1977-2020)

The English Department family lost a wonderful alumnus on New Year’s Day when Andrew Kruse-Ross (graduated December 2000), died suddenly and far too soon. His wife, UM-Flint alumna Aimee Suzanne (Long), said the cause was a genetic pulmonary embolism. Andrew was forty-two years old. Older faculty may remember him as good-natured, friendly, occasionally goofy, and possessed of the most

Melancholy & Memes

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Students, are you feeling isolated, overwhelmed, swamped with reading, and even a little depressed?  Robert Burton, a seventeenth-century writer, working in what he called a “scribbling age,” wrote a massive tome, The Anatomy of Melancholy, to cure his own depression.  His send-up of students and scholars who sit and sit and read and read, neglecting