See what people found during the CAS scavenger hunt

Since May 24 was National Scavenger Hunt Day, we asked the CAS community to find these items in celebration:

  • You, in Michigan gear
  • Something that represents your CAS major or department
    • Fine arts major? Maybe a paintbrush.
  • Best Non-Michigan “M”
  • Something you normally use on campus
  • Maize in other ways
    • We see a lot of “maize” at UM-Flint. Can you find maize in another context?
  • A relaxing moment in the outdoors
  • A furry/scaly/feathery friend
    • Pets are an important part of the UM-Flint CAS community too.

And we received some amazing responses! Take a look at these submissions:


Michele, a Lecturer II for our Physics program, found all of the items on the list!

There’s Michele in Michigan gear (and a banana hat).

Michele’s laptop shows off some physics facts and a cool cow.

A collection of Michele’s furry friends.

Something Michele normally uses on campus: an HDMI to VGA adaptor.

A Non-Michigan “M,” or upside-down “W” on a container of disinfectant wipes.

One of Michele’s furry friends enjoying a relaxing moment in the outdoors.

“Maize” in other ways: Corn! And a cool dino in the background.


Hannah, a Mathematics Teacher Certificate Program student, also found every item and fit them into one picture!

-Lots of Michigan gear
-An apple, to represent her math education major
-Non-Michigan “M”: M&M candy
-Something you normally use on campus: Backpack
-Maize in other ways: Package of corn
-Outdoors: “I am on my front porch.”
-A furry friend: A cute stuffed dog


Wendy is a Psychology major with a History minor!

She shared a photo of herself in Michigan gear (looks like she was at the Big House!).

And some books she is reading over the summer that represent both her major (Psychology) and minor (History).

Latinos United for Advancement

The UM-Flint chapter of Latinos United for Advancement (LUNA) teamed up as an organization and found some great items!

Sydney (Computer Science major) found:
-Michigan Gear: Campus Activities Board shirt
-Something that represents your major: Computer code on the screen
-Non-Michigan M: M&M’s
-Something normally used on campus: A textbook
-Maize in other ways: M&M wrapper
-Relaxing outdoor moment: Soccer and music
-Furry friend: Leo the Lion

Stephanie Vidaillet Gelderloos, Lecturer IV in the Department of English, shared this photo of Bubby the hamster hanging out with Frida Kahlo.

Alysia (Anthropology major) doing some summer reading related to her major.

Mia, an Art & Design student, showing off some masterpieces from her sons

And for something Mia usually uses on campus, her laptop!

Manny (Anthropology) calls this “Socially Distanced Portaiture.”

Thanks to everyone who participated. Go Blue!