Meet Tim Kranz – Artist and Lecturer II at the University of Michigan-Flint!

Kranz_Spotlight_blogTim Kranz Art Dept.Name: Tim Kranz
Title: Lecturer II
Department: Visual Arts and Communication

Classes I teach: Currently, I am teaching Drawing I-Art 131-02, Two-dimensional design-Art 141, Painting-Art 263, Painting or Drawing Processes and Properties-Art 364, Water-based Painting-Art 307, and Oil Painting-Art 309. I have also taught various other drawing and painting courses as well as a general art course (Art 100).

Professional Interests, Activities, Publications or Exhibitions:
Artist Member of Buckham Gallery, Flint, MI. I am also a former member of Buckham’s Board of Directors. I am beginning to show my work frequently again after a couple of years off. Most of my exhibitions have been in Michigan, one in Chicago. I would like to start showing more regionally and nationally.

You can view Tim’s artwork online at

Research or Specific Areas of Interest:
Human psychology, particularly anthropomorphism. I am also interested in how people view artwork; what they take from it, what it takes to make them slow down and appreciate it, etc.

No recent, significant awards. Several Golden Apples and voted as one of the Flint area’s favorite artists by My City Magazine.

B.F.A – The University of Michigan-Flint 2001.
M.F.A. – Kendall College of Art and Design 2010.

Artist Member of Buckham Gallery, Flint, MI. I am also a former member of Buckham’s Board of Directors.

How I fell in love with my field:
I took painting as an Art Education elective here at UM-Flint with Mike Sevick in 1998. Everything about it has appealed to me since; the history, craft, approaches, pushing myself, different ways of conveying messages, etc.

What I hope for my time at UM-Flint:
To reach as many students as possible and inspire them while continually being inspired by them as well.

What I hope for students in my field:
I want them to learn that hard work, dedication, and perseverance can allow them to be successful in any field. I also want them to feel like the things I teach them had an impact on their careers, lives, and ways of seeing the world.

Three things you should know about me:
I am a UM-Flint alum, with a minor in Art History. I have a painting studio in Buckham Alley in downtown Flint. My teaching and art making are starting to affect each other.

Tim will be exhibiting his works in a solo exhibition of his past, present, and future works at the UCEN Fine Art Gallery at UM-Flint. The exhibit opens on Friday, January 9th from 5pm-8pm and will remain open weekdays until January 23rd. For more information, email