Art Scholars Present

The 2016 Annual International Conference in Paragone Studies takes place this year at the Manchester Art Gallery, England.  Dr. Sarah Lippert, Dr. Linda Johnson, and graduate student in Arts Administration, Mary Kelly, of the University of Michigan-Flint, will be among scholars from the USA, France, Poland, England, Switzerland, Italy and Greece to present scholarly research at:


The 5th Annual International Conference in Paragone Studies
September 22-23, 2016
Manchester Art Gallery, England
Hosted by the Society of Paragone Studies
in partnership with the Flint Institute of Arts



The annual conference examines the paragone, or rivalry in artistic practice and its related fields. All disciplines relevant to inter-arts rivalry are eligible to be featured, such as art history and visual culture, aesthetic theory, literary theory and comparative literature, philosophy, critical theory, visual communications, cultural studies, and musicology, amongst others. Rivalry from all eras of history and global contexts will be considered.

The Society of Paragone Studies is dedicated to scholarship on the history of artistic rivalry, from any period and in any medium. SPS is affiliated with CAA, SECAC, AND ATSAH. Questions should be directed to

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