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Writers, Welcome to a New Semester!

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College students are writers. No matter our major, papers are required even though we might not consider ourselves writers. We often think that “real” writers don’t struggle coming up with ideas, drafting or revising. Real writers have inspiration to lead and sustain them through paper after paper.   In order to encourage each other this semester,

How Do You Play The Game?

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“Volleyball practice ends at seven tonight, ” I yelled as I left for school in the morning. “I’ll be there,” would be my Mom’s reply. This exchange took place every morning, with a few alterations of time and sport. As life wound its way forward, I found the same words echoing through my own home,

Using Writing Assignments to Your Benefit

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Sometimes, there’s no way around it. You have to write a summary or analysis of a reading handed to you by your professor. Yep. Gotta write it. Go on. Just do it and think about how you are sharpening your skills. Sometimes though, assignments give you some choice. Assignments can be broad prompts that make

Purposeful Statement

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Sometimes, getting started is the worst part of writing.  I always tell writers I work with to first figure out what you are going to say and then worry about how you are going to write it.  Sounds simple enough. But, what if you have no idea of what you want to say? Often, I