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Dr. Chad Airhart received a promotion to Associate Professor of Art History at Carson Newman University in Tennessee.  Dr. Airhart is also a professional painter, whose work may be viewed at:
Dr. Liana Cheney, University of Massachusetts Lowell has recently published the following: Giorgio Vasari: The Prefaces: Art and Theory, (London: Peter Lang Publishers, 2012); Giorgio Vasari: pennello, pluma e ardore, Liana De Girolami Cheney,Joanna Wolanska and Joseph Grabski, eds. in Artibus et Historiae, Special Edition (2012); and “Edward Burne-Jones’ Love Among the Ruins,” in The Review of the Pre-Raphaelite Society Journal, Vol. 20 (Summer 2012), 2-13.
Dr. Brian A. Curran presented the paper, “Renaissance/Baroque Humanism and the Visual Arts,” at Results and Desiderata of the Study and Documentation of the European Mnemohistory of Ancient Egypt, Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel, Germany, June 28-30, 2012.
Dr. Karen Goodchild of Wofford College will publish the article “Bizarre Painters and Bohemian Poets: Poetic imitation and Artistic Rivalry in Vasari’s Biography of Piero di Cosimo,” in The Ashgate Companion to Giorgio Vasari, edited by David Cast (Ashgate Press, 2013).
Dr. Kathryn Jacobs, University of Texas A & M Commerce wrote an article titled “Metrical Poetry versus Whatever It’s Called Currently,” which has been accepted by Able Muse for a summer 2013 issue.
Dr. Sarah Lippert, University of Michigan-Flint wrote an essay for an anthology titled “Mind over Matter: Levitation and the Defiance of Nature in Late Nineteenth-Century Painting,” which has been published in Gravity in Art: Essays on Weight and Weightlessness, eds. Elizabeth Bailey and Mary Edwards (Mc Farland and Company Inc., 2012).
Dr. Jeanne Porter, Professor Emeritus of The Pennsylvania State University, is releasing a collection of plays for which she is the author titled New Plays from New York with AuthorHouse.
To send your news regarding your professional accomplishments, which will also be posted on the website, e-mail your notices to: [email protected]