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Rose Klann

Rose Klann is graduating from the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program this term! We took a few minutes to get to know her more.

What has been your favorite class?

Acute Care with Dr. Buterakos

What did you study as an undergrad?


What has been your favorite assignment so far?

My favorite assignments are always the case studies where we get to work our way through the patient’s illness and come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

What do you prefer studying within your program?

I’ve always enjoyed working in the Surgical ICU, so when we study disease processes and ideas related to issues that I’ve seen at work I find myself very interested in the topics.

What’s been your overall favorite experience in your program?

Because I am in an online program, my favorite experience was when our whole class met up for a 2 day simulation where we were able to learn and gain hands-on experience with some of the clinical skills we will be using later in our careers. It was amazing to finally spend time with my peers and the information we received was extremely valuable.

Where do you like to study best?

I have a beautiful sunroom at home and will get deer in my backyard at times, so I love to study there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have heat so I’m impatiently waiting for it to warm up again so that I can move my office back!

Any advice for students considering grad school?

Remember to stay focused and take time for self-care. Also, keep track of every due date in a calendar and cross it off as you complete it. Put every single event in the calendar so that you don’t over-book or over-commit yourself. It can be very hard, especially when you have children. Just remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it will all be worth it in the end. You’ve got this!