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Professor Emily Feuerherm has co-edited a new book!

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Congratulations to our colleague on an important publication!  This volume brings together scholars from various disciplines to discuss how language is used by, for and about refugees in the United States in order to deepen our understanding of what ‘refugee’ and ‘resettlement’ mean. The book will be of interest to researchers of applied linguistics and

You’re Invited – Come Meet Emily Feuerherm!

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 The English Department invites The entire University Community to  A Welcome Reception for Emily Feuerherm Assistant Professor of Linguistics  Wednesday, October 1 4:00-5:30 p.m. UCEN Michigan Room D   Professor Feuerherm is on campus to design and implement a new Bridge Program for international students, providing them with credit-bearing preparation to insure their academic success.

Celly. Gauge. Stronk. These words are amazeballs!

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Students in Linguistics 346 – Linguistic Analysis worked on slang dictionary entries this fall semester. Below are their abbreviated entries. Enjoy! amazeballs  [əˈmeɪzˌbɔːlz] (adj.): 1. Beyond amazing; something or someone that is so amazing that a regular word could not suffice. (That concert I went to last night was amazeballs.) 2. Superlative used when someone

Linguistics Program on Facebook

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Like us on  Facebook!  We’ll be posting links to language-related news, posting announcements about advising and class scheduling, and sharing program and research updates. https://www.facebook.com/pages/UM-Flint-Linguistics-Program/262274937157609

new major approved

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Beginning this fall, students will be able to major in English with a specialization in Linguistics. The full requirements for the new major are here. For advising and additional information, feel free to email me or stop by my office.

Linguistics Conference Grant

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Congratulations to Kazuko Hiramatsu, Associate Professor of English, who recently received a grant from the University of Michigan Office of the Vice President for Research to host the  40th Annual Meeting of the Michigan Linguistic Society here at UM-Flint. The Michigan Linguistics Society meeting is an annual peer-reviewed conference that brings together students and faculty from


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So how do you pronounce the name of the volcano in Iceland?  Read about  it in the NY Times here and listen to some New Yorkers try to pronounce the name. Linguist Joan Maling explains that the name can be broken down into three parts:  eyja (island) + fjalla (mountain) + jokull (glacier).

New “On Language” columnist

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The New York Times announced last week that linguist Ben Zimmer will be the new “On Language” columnist. You can also read Zimmer’s work at Language Log, Visual Thesaurus and vocabulary.com. Here’s a link to an interview with him on NPR.