More Than a Day, a Year of Expression

We often celebrate people and their legacy on a designated day (i.e. MLK Day). Sometimes we extend the celebration into a week of activities. However, if we truly consider the legacy and contributions that help shape our national and global communities, then creating long-term programs allow us to honor people beyond their observances. This year we want the University of Michigan-Flint community to creatively express what it means to give back. How do you give back? Are you a painter, writer, photographer or a chemist who can weave alchemy in the most imaginative way? Since there’s more to who we are than meets the eye, then allow that creative expression to reveal itself. What does it mean to you when you hear “More Than a Day, A Year of Expression?”

UM-Flint invites the campus and community to experience “More than a day, a year of expression” through enriched expressions of cultural awareness, identity, social justice, and creativity as told by students, faculty, and staff. Feeling creative? Submit your creative expression.