U-M Flint Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

Nathaniel S. Miller, PhD 
My research focuses on human timing, specifically rhythm perception and production. My recent work examines rhythmic impairments in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and how they might underlie certain symptoms of the disease, such as speech and gait. Another line of my research investigates how exercise mitigates Parkinson’s Disease symptoms.

Nathaniel Cordova
As a senior at the UM-Flint set for graduation in the fall of 2022, I intend to further my education in clinical psychology with an emphasis on forensics, assisting in criminal cases through sanity and competency evaluations. I currently have the pleasure of assisting in research via UROP with Dr. Nathaniel Miller, who’s recent work examines symptom tracking in Parkinson’s patients, and Dr. Thomas Wrobel, where psychological factors relating to vaccinations and the Flint water crisis are studied. The research experience is effective as I have the opportunity to develop research skills in areas related to clinical psychology.

Dennis Dedyne

I am a junior at U-M Flint with an anticipated graduation date of 2025.  I am majoring in Anthropology. My main interest is in prehistoric archaeology, which I soon plan to begin studies through graduate school at U-M Ann Arbor. I would love to one day excavate archaeological sites, teach and consult with other colleagues in my field of study. I am proud to be a part of UROP at U-M Flint researching Parkinson’s Disease in bringing an overall awareness to the public by collecting and presenting data analysis of various methods gathered by our team. 

Hannah Kirk

Delaney Serra

Matthew Thelen

I am a junior here at UM-Flint. I am majoring in molecular biology with a pre-medicine concentration. It is my aspiration to attend medical school in order to learn to treat diseases faced by the elderly, investigating new treatments and improving quality of life for these people. UROP has been a great opportunity to work with people outside of my major to grow as a professional, pursuing my career interests as well as growing as a person. I value the time spent in research the most out of any experience in my education.