UM-Flint Dean’s List Announced for Winter 2024 Semester

[May 2, 2024]

288 CIT students made the Winter 2024 Deans List. Congratulations to all of our students for this outstanding accomplishment!

UM-Flint Dean’s List Qualifications: A full-time student who earns a 3.5 grade point average for a semester for Fall or Winter with 12 or more graded hours is placed on the Dean’s List in his or her school or college for that semester. A part-time student who earns a 3.8 grade point average for a Fall or Winter semester with 6 – 11 graded hours is placed on the Dean’s List in his or her school or college for that semester.

In computing averages, only courses taken at the University of Michigan-Flint are included, and only complete terms or semesters are counted. Notation of the award is made on the student’s official transcript.

Mohamed Abdelmalek
Alaa Abdulla
Daniel Abou Khzam
Bethany Ackerman
Alexander Afonso
Jesse Anderson
Samuel Anderson
Sonia Arnst
Alano Ashford
Katheren Barger
Charlotte Barron
Omar Basata
Chase Baxendale
Payton Beck
Alexander Beckett.
Sara Beelen
Redwana Begum
Cameron Bentz
Erica Berger
Angela Bialke
Amanda Binu
Carson Bird
Lauren Bishai
Nyrelle Boles-Lee
Brenden Boley
Mary Borg
Jessica Braden
Norvia Brandt
Andre Briscoe
Carter Brockman
Julia Brown
Adre Buclay
Blake Bunch
Blake Burger
Braeden Burger
Hannah Burke
Christopher Burton
Benjamin Bush
Brooke Carte
Jenna Carter
Alexandra Castillo
Jennah Changezi
Madelyn Chapman
DeAndre Chilton Jr
Mahroush Chowdhury
David Christian
Collin Clark
Nadia Clark
Naima Cleceland
Chase Condron
Drew Conner
Kyle Contreras
India Coutee
Hailee Cox
Matthew Cronce
Lucas Cunningham
Sydney Cupal
Lucas Currie
Michael Curtis
Carolyn Davis
Ryan Davis
Daniel Decoste
Colton Deering
Matthew Deitering
Natalie Deitering
Alexander Dennis
Bivek Dhruv
Salvatore DiMaggio
Aminata Diop
Caleb Dolan
Faycal Doughmane
Brody Dudzik
Jacob Duncan
Yussef Duzdar
Hamza Eldohiri
Kathryn Emery
Asalah Esail
Salah Esmail
Michael Ewles
Ryan Faber
Mobassirul Karim Faraz
Jayden Farrell
Angela Fast
Logan Fenech
Makena Fisher
Marlie Fletcher
Emily Foster
Brandon Frank
Adrianna Fuller
Emma Gabriel
Robert Gale
Isabella Gammicchia
Cynthia Garcia
Allison Gaspard
Aidan Getty
Tyler Gibbard
Madison Gilmore

Aidan Gitschlag
Kaliyah Glover
Daiyn Goforth
Kaitlyn Goretski
Trevor Goretski
Nicholas Gorney
Nicole Greenen
Hayden Greenwald
Hannah Grube
Tyler Guest
John Hackney
Jackson Hamm
Andrew Haralambous
Matthew Hardesty
Miranda Hardy
Titus Hare
Alex Harrell
Alex Hassett
Joshua Hayes
Micah Helzerman
Griffin Hemingway
Devon Hennessy
Andrew Heron
Ashton Herrick
Noah Hetman
Trevor Heydt
Ethan Hoard
Eliza Hogan
Alexis Holstine
Matthew Huff
Shayla Hukill
Alex Hunt
Shane Hunt
Tyler Hurley
Krista Hurshman
Kristina Irwin
Samantha Jarbou
Jessica Jarema
Zachary Jasper
Madison Jenkins
Henry Johnson
Jace Johnson
Taylor Johnson
Jalynne Jones
Tyler Judd
Ethan Karlse
Kirandeep Kaur
Benjamin Kelleher
Jaiden Kendall
Hemangi Khindri
Mina Kind
Gavin Kinney
Michael Knox
Jackson Kovarik
Justin Kramer
Anisha Kumar
Grace LaBelle
Elizabeth Lamb
Alexis Large
Thao Le
Hillary LeGrande
Addison Lee
Rose Legant
Zach Leonard
Connor Letter
Jasper Lindsay
Carley Linsenman
Hunter Losey
Jeremiah Lucas
Sarah Luetz
Xiaohu Luo
Luke Lynch
Molly Maier
Hunter Maynard
Cole Mays
Gillian McAuliffe
Ryan McBride
Breanna McChristion
Noah McGhee
Carson McLaughlin
Alexis Meeker
David Miller
Nathaniel Miller
Jaydee Modelski
Mohamed Mohamed
Lilian Moore
Madelyn Moore
Zoiya Morell
Allia Morley
Emily Mrazik
Ibraheem Najjar
Nathaniel Napolitano
Sheehan Khalil Nathani
Thi Thanh Thuy Nguyen
Matthew Nickols
Uriah Niemi
Hayden Nyquist

Andy O
Laney OBrien
Loren Odira
Abigail Ortman
Onanefe Otojareri
Laci Parker
Salony Patel
Setu Patel
Kevynn Patterson
Harley Pearson
Brianna Peek
Kai Pendleton
Avery Peplinski
Michael Phelps
Nathan Philburn
Cecilia Piskoti
Rebecca Plummer
Gabriella Poling
Caleb Porrett
Kaitlyn Premo
Kedree Proffitt
Connor Rhodes
Josiah Riley
Brianna Rivera
Paulina Rivera
Noah Roach
Jason Rogers
Thomas Rose
Christopher Royer
Robert Royer
Matthew Sabadac
Malek Saeed
Saareya Sahlool
Bahaa Salim
Jeremy Sarpong
Owen Sartele
Jeffrey Schabel
Lucas Schumaker
Shaun Scofield
Taylor Scott
Zachary Seog
Jami Sepke
Aceil Shamieh
Donovan Shango
Lindsey Shaw
Cody Sheltraw
Yousef Shihabi
Chance Shippey
Rodney Skank
Ian Slackta
Megan Smith
Nicklas Smith
Sierra Smith
Keanan Springer
Kaden Steinbrink
Alexander Stockford
Jonathan Stokes
Katrina Stottmeister
Gavin Stover
Jewel Stowell
Ashley Strong
Jullian Stuber
Dalton Summerfield
Hamid Sutton
Brianna Swank
Talia Swayze
Sarah Syed
Julia Taratuta
Brendan Taylor
Devin Tebbe
Matthew Thelen
Emerson Thompson
Eric Trantham
Noella Uwamahoro
Celia Velasquez
Stephen Vitek
Garrett Vukovich
Stephanie Wachner
Camille Wagner
Kaila Walker
Gavin Weed
Luke Weigand
Eviyan Wenzlaff
Grace White
Zachary White
Christopher Williams
Connor Wilson
Therese Wofford
Dominick Woughter
Haley Zdunic
Nathan Zender

CIT Community Celebrates Eclipse with Charter Bus to the Path of Totality

[April 9, 2024]

James Alsup, professor of physics and director of the CIT Engineering & Technology Division, organized the charter bus trip to view the eclipse

On April 8, 2024 two charter buses filled with over 100 College of Innovation and Technology (CIT) faculty, staff and students embarked on an adventure to Bowling Green State University to witness the rare spectacle of a total solar eclipse. 

As the buses unloaded at Doyt L. Perry Stadium, the group from CIT joined the 5,000 other eager attendees to celebrate the solar event that will not take place in the midwest again until 2099. Participants were allowed to look through telescopes for up close views, snack on moon pies and have eclipse shadows cover their bodies during the wait for totality. As the temperatures dropped and the sky increasingly darkened, there was exciting anticipation as viewers continued checking the moon’s status through protective glasses. 

As the moon overtook the sun James Alsup, the trip’s coordinator and Director of the Engineering and Technology Division characterized the moment as “…an event that lets you reflect and ponder the beauty of nature and for some the elegant dance between the earth, sun and moon gravity commands.” As the young Andrew Resowski explained, “I felt happy when I watched the eclipse. I don’t know why, I just did.”

The bumper to bumper traffic on I75 North got our Wolverines home much later than anticipated. However, the three words that could be heard among the sleepy travelers were “well worth it!”.  

The trip took the efforts of many and the gratitude poured in following the event. Julie Corrian messaged Dr. Alsup to say thank you. “I will forever be grateful for this unique opportunity and the generosity of the U of M Flint Physics Department.  I find it difficult to describe in words what I was able to witness. In the moment of the total eclipse I was overcome by the power and majestic beauty of the Sun and Moon. It was an amazing 3 minutes. I shall carry this experience with me always.” Dan McCabe, CIT Student Advisor adds, “And to be there with other staff members, faculty, students from CIT, as well as my own daughter made it something I will never forget.”

Writer credits: Heather LeSage and Kelly O’Brien, CIT Administrative Office