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Creating Ownership in Your Writing

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I am always reading. By reading, I don’t mean that I’m simply reading my favorite Kurt Vonnegut book or articles about the Detroit Lions. I’m reading advertisements, texts messages, quotes posted inside of high school classrooms, and 140 character tweets. These readings may seem diverse and disconnected, but they all have a common factor. They

Using Writing Assignments to Your Benefit

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Sometimes, there’s no way around it. You have to write a summary or analysis of a reading handed to you by your professor. Yep. Gotta write it. Go on. Just do it and think about how you are sharpening your skills. Sometimes though, assignments give you some choice. Assignments can be broad prompts that make

An Apology (or two)

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    As I sit here marveling at my latest compositional masterpiece, I find myself filled with self-doubt.  Does the essay fulfill the requirements of the task assigned to me?  If it does not, I humbly apologize. Speaking of apologies, this apology reminds me of several other actions in my life for which I probably

Stepping Away and the 3AM Wake-Up Call

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Writing is a stop-and-start process for me.  Yeah, groundbreaking stuff here folks.  This is true for most writers I talk to, but I’ve found my own stops-and-starts can be identified by category, or conspirator. I’ll explain. Some are interruptions. I’m a husband and father of three, so even if I’m barricaded in my office with