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An Apology (or two)

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    As I sit here marveling at my latest compositional masterpiece, I find myself filled with self-doubt.  Does the essay fulfill the requirements of the task assigned to me?  If it does not, I humbly apologize. Speaking of apologies, this apology reminds me of several other actions in my life for which I probably

A Public Service Announcement

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    A recent poll of 314 million Americans by the Institute for Impracticable Statistical Studies has found that the average person has one testicle and one breast.  Knowing that I am above average in one of those categories has given me the confidence to write a blog post in which I admit my struggles

Grandma Knowknows Grammar No-nos

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Eat Your Peas and Carrots and Don’t Split Your Infinitives. Dissociative Infinitive Disorder (a.k.a. split infinitive disease) is a linguistic ailment associated with early grammar trauma and characterized by adverbial intrusion of the full infinitive. What Is Dissociative Infinitive Disorder? Most of us have experienced mild cases of infinitive dissociation, but to fully understand split