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Below is the collection of tweets from writing centers around the world sharing what they love about their centers.  Take a few minutes and scroll down to see how awesome writing centers and writing center people are.  We’d like to thank all the writing centers who participated in sharing their love, and a special shout-out to Megan Breidenstein for making it all happen.
  1. #writingcenterlove for the people making me a better person. I’m better for having known you
  2. @KUWC #writingcenterlove We LOVE our Kaplan @KUWC online tutoring room! Meeting the needs of students 7 days a week!
  3. #writingcenterlove We LOVE our online tutoring room! We reach students 7 days a week in our fabulous Adobe room!
  4. @BoCoMojo But do you like markers as much as we do? #writingcenterlove
  5. Abbie leading our professional development meeting. #writingcenterlove
  6. Staff meeting during International Writing Center week. #writingcenterlove
  7. Tutor love. #writingcenterlove
  8. #writingcenterlove crosses cultural boundaries and creates new understandings
  9. #writingcenterlove is seeing the ”Ah ha!” epiphany in the student’s eyes
  10. #writingcenterlove is geeking out over sessions that inspire the student AND the tutor
  11. We aren’t just tutors, we’re also clients. Here is one of ours waiting for his appointment. #writingcenterlove
  12. #writingcenterlove #wordoftheday heartstrings (n) the deepest emotions or affections. The eloquent poem Johnny…
  13. #writingcenterlove is plentiful anyday, but more so today.
  14. #writingcenterlove wed #wordoftheday serendipity (n) the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable…
  15. #writingcenterlove for international writing centers week we invited the advanced writing class from the English…
  16. We love our number 1-ranked @TAMUQuidditch team. A real sport inspired by magical books? #writingcenterlove
  17. One of our favorite aspects of our Writing Center is the amount of natural light that bursts in through the windows. #writingcenterlove
  18. We LOVE making valentines with Aggies during International Writing Center Week. #writingcenterlove
  19. RT @LaAshleigh: There’s a lot of UCWbLove in the @DePaulUCWbL Loop Writing Center today! #IWCW #writingcenterlove
  20. I love always knowing where to go when I need a pen, pencil, or bookmark! #WritingCenterLove
  21. When sneaking a quick pic leads to great questions in a session! #WritingCenterLove
  22. Writing Center tutors are great listeners! #WritingCenterLove
  23. Megan is ready for the IWCW celebration at noon! Stop by, grab lunch, celebrate with us! #writingcenterlove @ISUWMC
  24. @ISUWMC Yesterday we celebrated IWCW w/ a banner signing. Read why ISU “needs writing” #writingcenterlove
  25. I <3 our low-tech ways of getting people involved in our digital presence. #WritingCenterLove (& zombie Care Bears).
  26. why do you love #writing? Party in the center today to celebrateIWCW & Vday! #writingcenterlove @ISUWMC @…
  27. There’s a lot of UCWbLove in the @DePaulUCWbL Loop Writing Center today! #IWCW #writingcenterlove
  28. For Valentine’s Day, come to @NEIU_CAW and write a Surrealist Compliment for your special someone! #writingcenterlove
  29. Meeting and PIZZA &#55356;&#57173; #writingcenterlove
  30. Knowing that I get to go back and do it again tomorrow. 🙂 #writingcenterlove
  31. It’s almost Valentine’s Day! The Howe center loves our Welcome Desk staff. #writingcenterlove
  32. The writing center is sweet – even sweeter than the chocolate they put out for Valentine’s day! #writingcenterlove
  33. #writingcenterlove We love our new DIY tee shirts!
  34. I love working with people who get REALLY excited about punctuation. #WritingCenterLove
  35. @NEIU_CAW’s #IWCW celebration continues! We love our center because of our “magnetic poetry” wall! #writingcenterlove
  36. We heart @grigg_nancy for making cupcakes magically appear! #writingcenterlove
  37. Seriously, coffee. #writingcenterlove
  38. We love our students because they do their best, and our center because the coffee’s always on. #writingcenterlove
  39. “If you can do that dirty Frenchman’s laugh, everything sounds French.” – Gena Henderson #writingcenterlove
  40. We love our writing tutors and their creative ideas! #writingcenterlove
  41. Everyone should support Jackie Hoermann and @ISUWMC! I need writing to convey words and emotions that cannot be spoken. #writingcenterlove
  42. @UMKCWS our recycled paper decor gives our office area some adorable charm! #writingcenterlove #WritingWednesday
  43. RT @kristadwarren: @HCWEMiami Working hard on our mentoring project! #writingcenterlove
  44. Tutoring sesh swag! &#55357;&#56541; #writingcenterlove
  45. @AUPWritingLab: We ❤ our new coffee pot!! &#55357;&#56845;&#55357;&#56903;☕ #writingcenterlove
  46. Sexy Sam loves workin’! #writingcenterlove
  47. Working hard today at the ARC! #writingcenterlove
  48. Welcome to the ARC!!! This is our newly renovated group study room #writingcenterlove
  49. We love our conference room, now known as Candy Land. #writingcenterlove
  50. The IWCW celebration continues. What collaborative writing projects have you started today? #writingcenterlove
  51. “I love experiencing our diverse student population by working with students from all walks of life!” #writingcenterlove
  52. “Our writing center is almost always flooded with light. It feels so welcoming.” #writingcenterlove
  53. Our WC has the secrets to the universe in our little corner of the world. #writingcenterlove
  54. Stop…collaborate and Listen #writingcenterlove
  55. Hearing “Wow, I never understood that before” on a daily basis. #writingcenterlove
  56. We have the answers to every question — or students think we do. #peerediting #writingcenterlove
  57. Does any room on campus besides the writing center have Slinkys dangling from the walls? #writingcenterlove
  58. We love our lounge, where many Pepperdine students catch a few z’s between classes. #midterms #writingcenterlove
  59. We love our tutors! #pepperdinewritingcenter #collaboration #writingcenterlove
  60. Cooling off after a rough session! #WritingCenterLove
  61. Whatever the heck this thing is. #WritingCenterLove
  62. @Circumtrektion We don’t have any sculptures, but this vase gets a lot of students’ attention. #WritingCenterLove
  63. Scott Russell, who has been with us for 25 years! #WritingCenterLove
  64. Our beloved dictator, who watches over us at all times. Did I say dictator? I meant director. #WritingCenterLove
  65. People love this pencil sculpture–at the intersection of writing and math! #writingcenterlove
  66. “We offer a variety of services students can use such as Skype, feedback by email, and so much more!” #writingcenterlove
  67. I love when students come back in to tell me they got an A on their paper! #WritingCenterLove
  68. I love working with students from diverse backgrounds, and hearing about their cultures & past experiences with writing. #WritingCenterLove
  69. “I love getting to know all the faces – writers, consultants, etc. It makes me feel like I’m working with friends.” #writingcenterlove
  70. Looking into wcmsu from the media lab. #writingcenterlove
  71. “I love having the chance to hear so many different ideas from our students.” #writingcenterlove
  72. “The opportunity to work one-on-one with student writers.” #writingcenterlove
  73. “The camaraderie I share with my fellow writing enthusiasts in The Studio.” #writingcenterlove
  74. @UMKCWS where else can I get my word-nerd on and not be considered a “Ted”? #writingcenterlove
  75. We love our James Bond inspired bulletin board and flyer! #writingcenterlove
  76. I heart @UMFlintWC : our director, & my fantastical coworkers, make everyday feel like sabbatical #writingcenterlove
  77. I love working at @UMFlintWC because it feels like home #writingcenterlove
  78. Thankful that I get to continue my writing center work in grad school at @HCWEMiami #writingcenterlove
  79. “I love that it’s located in a library environment. It is integrated into student life and easily accessible.” #writingcenterlove
  80. @HCWEMiami free food at end of the semester celebrations #writingcenterlove
  81. @HCWEMiami celebrated 2,000 consultations in 2012 #writingcenterlove
  82. The Howe Center loves our student manager staff, including Sam P! #writingcenterlove
  83. Love our Valentine creation station #writingcenterlove
  84. We love the bright open space by the window-it’s so welcoming! #writingcenterlove
  85. We can see the impact this work is having on the university exeperience of our students.#writingcenterlove
  86. I love fond memories of conferences with coworkers. @UMFlintWC Chicago at Night #NCPTW #Writingcenterlove
  87. We love our consultants and their friendships! #writingcenterlove
  88. #writingcenterlove I love our wall of tutors, both past and present
  89. From a cave painting to a tweet by Salman Rushdie, we love our history of writing display! #writingcenterlove
  90. #writingcenterlove @UMFlintWC I love our ever-evolving whiteboards.
  91. #writingcenterlove We love #IllinoisCollege Annual Undergraduate Conference on Writing, our ICUCOW!
  92. #writingcenterlove @umflintwc I love our new t-shirt design!
  93. #writingcenterlove @UMFlintWC I love that this is in our director’s office.
  94. #writingcenterlove @UMFlintWC I love rainbow puking unicorn birthday cakes!
  95. #writingcenterlove @UMFlintWC I love framing the lobster.
  96. We love our space because it’s open, inviting, and full of tutors who love what they do! #writingcenterlove
  97. #writingcenterlove Andrea and Cindy working hard on research in summer 2011 in the #IllinoisCollege Campus Writing Center
  98. @ICWritingCenter: #writingcenterlove Andrea doing WAC research in the #IllinoisCollege Writing Center
  99. @ICWritingCenter: #writingcenterlove Brittany helping CAC with some WAC research in the CWC
  100. #writingcenterlove I love our whiteboard
  101. #writingcenterlove I love having comfortable places to write while surrounded by grammar posters from the @Oatmeal
  102. Ronny loves that @NEIU_CAW is a cozy space with urban views #writingcenterlove #IWCW
  103. We love collaborative writing and artistic whiteboard collaboration #writingcenterlove
  104. We love a never ending coffee pot and our mugs to always be full. #writingcenterlove
  105. We love to inspire writing inspiration with sugar and crayons #writingcenterlove
  106. I also love our scrabble board. Both of these things lend to the feeling of collaboration.#writingcenterlove
  107. What I love about the writing center is the feeling of space. #writingcenterlove
  108. RT @SLCCSWC: We love our round tables #writingcenterlove .