UM-Flint Recommended Tags & Keywords


As more University of Michigan-Flint students, faculty, staff, and departments venture into the blogosphere with their own university-related blog sites, it is worthwhile to get a handle on the important role quality meta keywords and tags play in the “findability” of your posts by search engines.

Without getting too far into the specifics of how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works, we thought it would be helpful to provide a simple list of UM-Flint-related keywords/tags compiled from our review of the university’s Google Analytics. By including each of the following as tags to your UM-Flint-related post, the likelihood that someone interested in the university will come upon your blog entry is significantly enhanced:

u of m flint
university of michigan flint
university of michigan-flint
higher ed

Of course, depending on the specific subject of your post, other tags/keywords should be added along with those listed above. As this UR blog post deals with meta data, SEO, etc., I have added those terms as keyword/tags, as well as “university relations,” “social media,” and “marketing.”

So please feel free to copy and paste this list of recommended tags & keywords to include in the tag area of your next blog post!