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LIBRARY PROFILE – Circulation Assistant — Rachel Marie Stock

Rachel Marie Stock is one of our many amazing student assistants.   We are delighted to introduce her in this issue.Wolverine Painting at Circ

Soon after Rachel transferred to UM-Flint from Mott, she determined she loved the Thompson Library and WAS going to be hired and employed there during the entire time she was a student of our campus.  She haunted the library, checking in several times a week with our Head of Circulation (Mickey Doyle) to see if any student employee slots opened.  Within a week, a new hire declined the position, and Mickey immediately offered it to Rachel.   Persistence paid off.

That was 5 semesters ago, and today Rachel is one of our most Rachael Stocks Nov 2014trusted, reliable and very capable student employees, the people that help keep our library running smoothly each and every day.

With graduation planned for December 2015, we feel lucky that we will have Rachel with us for an additional 4 semesters.   (When we find the best, we do our level best to keep them.)

Rachel is currently majoring in History after a brief fling with the thought of being an English major.  One of her passions, it turns out, is creative writing.  It is not outside the realm of possibility that we may one day have a Stock, R.M. authored book in our collection. Maybe.  Time will tell.

She is now musing on the possibility of applying to grad school after she obtains her B.A., with the intent of obtaining a Masters in Library Science.

As so many of our student employees before her, Rachel has been bitten by the library bug and hopes to eventually become an academic librarian.  We currently have several former student employees working in important degreed positions in our library.  Perhaps one day Rachel, too,  will return to our ranks as a professional librarian.

A native of this area, Rachel was born in Lapeer and raised in Davison,  she attended Davison Public School System,  the Holy Rosary Catholic School, and Powers High School,  all of which fed her need to excel.

After graduation, Rachel pulled out a map.  She wanted to see more of the world than Davison, Michigan,  and so considered the two farthest points in the USA from Davison – the east coast (Maine) and the west coast (California).    California just sounded more fun.   And warmer.   So she packed her bags and headed to San Diego, where she lived for the next five years.

As exciting as San Diego proved to be, she wanted to experience life in Los Angeles for a while as well, so it was off to the City of Angels.   Her apartment in LA was small (about 400 sq ft of living space that included bedroom / living room / kitchenette – the very definition of a one-room flat),  but it was cozy.

Living in an apartment in a remodeled old classic hotel was perfect for this history buff.   After decades of earthquakes and fires, it was one of the few surviving historic buildings in the thriving local community.   It placed her yet again in the center of a vibrant community that fed her creative spirit.  She was living the dream!  For a while, at least.

As time moved on, it became abundantly clear to Rachel that if she wished to ensure her future success in life, the advantages of a good education to get ahead were obvious.   Seeing the handwriting on the wall, Rachel registered for and attended classes locally at Palomar College in California.

By 2009, Rachel was chaffing at the distance from family.  The high cost of living and the California lifestyle took its toll.   She made another life-altering decision to return to Michigan and her family in Davison.

Returning to the fold did not mean discarding her dreams.  The need to further her education and expand her potential opportunities continued to drive her.   She enrolled at University of Michigan-Flint to pursue a BA in History, a goal she is close to attaining.

And so we have come full circle.   Rachel is now one of our outstanding student employees at Thompson Library with eyes on eventually holding an MLS degree, working in an academic library, and running her own department, or maybe even her own library as an administrator.  Time will tell.

As for her work here at the Thompson Library in UM-Flint,  Rachel has proven her ability to work well with patrons (library users) and is trusted by her supervisors to organize and execute special projects as needed.

We at the Thompson Library can attest to her character as well.  A recent incident in our library will clearly illustrate why we are happy to have Rachel as an employee within our ranks.

A patron entered our library and returned a book without first inspecting it, and then walked off into the stacks.    This is not an unusual occurrence by itself.   However, something very out of the ordinary happened because of this particular book.

Rachel has developed a habit of thumbing through returned books to ensure that no papers or other paraphernalia has been left behind that could potentially damage the spine of a book.   As Rachel checked this particular book, she was stunned to discover $500 in cash between the pages!

Instantly Rachel raced after the patron, locating him deep in the stacks, so that she could return the money he had inadvertently left behind within the pages of that library book which he had just returned.

The patron was first stunned at his own forgetfulness, then again at her genuine honesty, and thanked Rachel profusely.   She politely accepted his thanks and hurried to return to the Circulation Desk where she was the only student on duty at the time, dismissing the incident from her mind.

She nearly forgot the incident entirely.   However, our Director asked that we make special mention in our newsletter (and this accompanying blog)  about Rachel both to thank her publicly as well as to highlight our pride in our exceptional student employees.

Our patron asked to remain anonymous, but he very much wanted everyone to know that the Thompson Library is run by staff, librarians, and outstanding student employees,  of the highest caliber, demonstrated so admirably by Rachel.

Should you happen to be in our library in the near future (and we 005_2Ahope you will), you may have the pleasure of speaking with Rachel.

As always, she will be happy to help you with your library needs.  And if you chat with her for a while, she will also happily discuss any of her favorite subjects, be it history, literature or music — especially country music from the 50’s and 60’s.

Rachel is also an enthusiastic fan of all things radio.  She would LOVE  to have the opportunity to do voice work at a radio station, or even  a part time job as a radio announcer.   If anyone out there can hook her up, she definitely has the voice – and contagious enthusiasm –  to be a very interesting radio personality.

She is already one of our best library P.A. system announcers, a task from which most of our student employees shy away.   Rachel  enjoys her announcing duties, and adds a little extra something with each announcement, pleasantly updating our library users about such things as events being held in the library, or the more standard closing time notification.   As we said, she certainly has the voice and personality to be a good radio personality, so if anyone can help us get Rachel on the air, give us a call!

Rachel Stock  —  yet another of our amazing and highly valued student employees!