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Office of Admissions & Honors Program Team for Recruitment Event in Library Atrium

Thompson Library is dedicated to linking people with ideas — it’s right there in our logo.

Sydney Spielmaker
Sydney Spielmaker, UM-Flint Honors Student Sharing her experience with guests at Honors Program Recruitment Reception, October 2015

One way we are able to encourage scholarly activities is to host events dedicated to scholarly achievement and the advancement of our campus, especially those that showcase our students.  Such an event is the annual Honors Program Autumn Reception.

During September, the Office of Admissions sponsored a series of events held in Atrium of the Thompson Library to recruit high-achieving high school students to University of Michigan-Flint and to tell them about the Honors Program and the many benefits it offers our students.

photo (4)cOf the select group invited, approximately 20 to 25 young people (and their parents) attended each presentation over two separate evenings.  In attendance were guests from as far away as Gaylord, Grand Rapids and the Upper Peninsula.

The library Atrium provided a perfect setting to display our campus at its finest, with 3 stories of windows providing natural lighting while overlooking the Flint River and the White Building on the far bank.  Catered by Fandangles as a sit-down buffet, the evening was both elegant and energized.

photo (3)cCurrent UM-Flint Honors Program students were on hand to share their experiences as a student.  Students spoke of the type of studies they were involved in — ranging from computer science through medicine and more — the research projects they participated in with leading members of their field of interest, and of course, the semester spent abroad (Off-Campus Experience), which is a highlight of the Honors Program.

photo (4)aProgram Director, Maureen Thum, spoke of the exciting opportunities and experiences of students in the program.  She also talked about the many successes of Honors Program  graduates in their application to professional and graduate schools, and to professional positions.

Jon Davidson
John Davidson, Director of Admissions, UM-Flint Discussing Honors Program during recruitment reception. October 2015

Admissions Director Jon Davidson and his staff were on hand to assist parents with questions regarding enrollment applications, dorm options and other practical matters.

Honors students were available for one-on-one consultations with guests who had questions regarding specific areas of studies and the opportunities and experiences opened to them as students of the Program.

photo (2)b

Honors Student-Admissions
UM-Flint Honors Student shares his experience with guests at the Honors Program Recruitment Reception hosted by Office of Admissions, October 2015.

Our students were enthusiastic regarding their experiences working side-by-side with leading experts from around the world, conducting original research in a variety of fields, and presenting papers at conferences — experiences rarely available to undergrad students, but common among the University of Michigan-Flint Honors students.

photo (3)a



When speaking to guests, the students did not sugar-coat their involvement in the Honors Program; the work is hard, but the rewards are both gratifying — and amazing.   Graduates of the Program have had opportunities open to them they would otherwise never have imagined.

Many of the guests and their families left with applications.

Hopefully, events such as these will ensure we will have many years of outstanding Honors Program students graduating from UM-Flint to go out into the world and demonstrate in a very positive way why they are among “The Leaders and the Best!”

photo (4)d