LibGuides are Coming! LibGuides are Coming!

—   Library to Roll Out New Website Organization Software —



Yes, we’re very excited about the coming of—LibGuides!

What are LibGuides?

Officially it is a subscription-based online service that allows us to organize our resources by subject, including multiple formatting options along with the ability to provide specific lists and commentary.

Doesn’t sound all that exciting, does it?

But it is — or will be when we launch LibGuides for Thompson Library, on or before this fall semester.

What will we be able to do with LibGuides?

LOTS!   More specifically, our current “Search by Subject” drop-down box on the library home page will be replaced by a subject navigation Libguide that will allow users to see and jump to any of the multitude of more specific LibGuides available.

Each of our librarians will have the ability to create a subject-specific “portal” — a gateway to the resources available through our library.

Each subject guide can includes sections listing the recommended data and index databases useful for research within that subject, lists of reference books on the topic or lists of recommended books from our main collection.

Perhaps it would also list blogs or foundations/research facility web sites to expand research beyond our library resources.

Plus our librarians will be able to invite teaching faculty to contribute specific course guides, assignments or syllabi to a specific topic guide as well.

The possibilities are limited only by the imagination!

LibGuides are coming, and they will change forever how our students conduct research!



Winegarden Professor Collaborates with Library

The Myron and Margaret Winegarden Visiting Professorship enables the University of Michigan-Flint to bring scholars of national and international reputation to our campus.

This year our Visiting Professor is Dr. Kenneth Waltzer, an internationally renowned historian at the James Madison College of MSU where he has served as dean, assistant dean and Director of General Education.

He and is currently the Director of MSU’s Jewish Studies Program.

A welcome reception was held in Thompson Library last November for Dr. Waltzer, who’s campus office is located in room #218 of the Thompson Library.

Dr. Waltzer will conduct seminars at both graduate and undergraduate levels (“Human Behavior Beyond Extremity: Holocaust Narratives”) plus an interdisciplinary faculty seminar on “New Directions in Study of the Holocaust.”

To facilitate the research activities of Dr. Waltzer, his students and our campus, one of the Thompson Library’s own, Emily Newberry, worked with fellow librarians from Ann Arbor campus to obtain access for the Flint campus to the online site of the Shoah Foundation Archives.

Steven Spielberg established the nonprofit organization, Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, in 1994, shortly after the filming of Schindler’s List.

The original mission of the Foundation was to document the experiences of Holocaust survivors.

To this end, the Foundation set out to collect and record the testimonies of 50,000 survivors and other witnesses.

To date, the Foundation has gathered nearly 52,000 testimonies in 32 languages from 56 different countries.

The Foundation is interested in making these testimonies available to the public for educational purposes in an effort to overcome prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry.

The University of Michigan was the first public university to partner with the Foundation, ensuring that an even greater number of individuals will have access to these important testimonials.

The USC Shoah Foundation Institute’s Visual History Archive makes available via internet access over 52,000 video testimonies of Holocaust survivors.

Now, thanks to the work of Emily, the Thompson Library has partnered with Dr. Waltzer to provide access to this invaluable historical resource.

To locate and access the link from the Thompson Library home page , find Shoah using the Search by Subject drop-down box (HISTORY), or using the alphabetical list, select   “S” and look for Shoah.



Holocaust Memorial Exhibit Currently on Display in Library

.  .  .   Traveling Exhibit in Thompson Library Atrium until May

Holocaust Exhibit moves to University of Michigan-Flint Thompson Library providing first-hand accounts of survival

Recounting Memory:

Flint-Area Holocaust Survivors & Youth Dialogue with History 

The oral history project, Recounting Memory: Flint-Area Holocaust Survivors & Youth Dialogue with History, has been installed in the atrium level of the University of Michigan-Flint Thompson Library and will be open to the public during regular library hours through March 12, 2012.

Visitors will find stories and photos of survival on a large scale in this oral history project that brings together area students and Holocaust survivors .

One aspect of the exhibit that differs from others that address the Holocaust is the focus on survivors who were young children from the former Soviet Republic, especially during the initial Nazi invasion called Operation Barbarossa.



Jane Barclay Retiring after 18 Years of Library Service


Library Reserves Desk staffer,

Jane Barclay,

retires after 18 years of service to 

UM-Flint campus.

Having joined the Thompson Library staff in 1994 (while it was still in it’s “temporary” location on the 5th floor of French Hall) on February 14, Jane will retire from library service on February 17th.

She plans to move back to Iowa to be near her daughters and grandchildren.

Jane began her career at our library in the Tech Services Department and eventually moved to Circulation Desk as night supervisor.

In 1998 she switched from working the night shift to days and took on the challenging position as Reserved Readings supervisor.

Procedures for processing Reserve Readings have changed over the years, but Jane was there to assist both faculty and students, making it easier for instructors to place materials on reserve and simple for students to find and check them out.

Jane has trained dozens of student assistants over the years and has fond memories of many.

She says she will miss most of all the many friends she has made on our campus while working here at the library.

Library staff are planning a farewell celebration for Jane in the library on February 16.


Jane Barclay





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