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Thompson Library Atrium Study Tables are Electric!

Laptops, tablets, cell phones — all devices that our patrons are using these days to help them do their research inside the Thompson Library have one thing in common:  They all have batteries that need to be charged.  Often.

Up until now, the best seats in the house — the study tables beside the three story windows in the Library Atrium — lacked easy access to electrical outlets.

Devices that need a charge and tables with no outlets created a problem.  And as we all know, a problem is just an opportunity in disguise.

The wonderful people at UM-Flint Department of Facilities and Operations — the people that Make Blue GO! — took on that challenge.

The ingenious  Brad Smith (Facilities) is the man who came up with a solution and put together the outlet boxes for us.

He examined the problem.  Checked out the logistics.  Then, by applying a little of his innate creativity, devised a cost-effective way to meet our request for additional outlets.

As of this week, there are now boxes available to all patrons on many if the tables in the Library Atrium that not only offer two (2) electrical outlets — per side — but also two (2) USB outlets — per side.

That’s right.  Each of the 8 little black boxes now installed and sitting atop the study tables offers

4 electrical outlets  —  AND  —  4 USP outlets

to help you charge those ubiquitous electronic devices that have become so invaluable (and  inseparable) in our daily lives.

Student response to these boxes has been immediate and positive.  The atrium study tables are now more inviting than ever

Several students have already mentioned to library staff how grateful they are to have access to outlets exactly where they need them.  The new availability of the USB ports was an unanticipated, but most welcome, bonus.

We are extremely grateful to Brad and Facilities for tackling this dilemma and providing a solution that will help all library patrons.

Facilities does all sorts of things that support student learning, but usually go unnoticed and unappreciated (or at least, unacknowledged) for their efforts.

With this solution to an ongoing problem in place AND such positive feedback from students, we want to let Facilities know how appreciative we are of their many efforts to support student-learning and improve the learning-landscape in the Library.

Never again fear to bring your chargers with you to the library.

We have a solution, just for you!


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Quiet Study Space at Thompson Library — Open until 2 am

Need a place to study on campus throughout the day and night?

Thompson Library has over 900 chairs at carrels, tables and study rooms in a quiet atmosphere.

Study rooms can be reserved online; pick up the key when you arrive and be guaranteed a study space!

Bring your coffee, your books and (if you want) your laptops – whatever you need to do your research and studying in a quiet, serene location conducive to scholarly contemplation.

Both campus Wi-Fi and ITS lab computers and printers are available.  Or check out a laptop using your library card (UMID) for use inside the library.

Plus there are Reference Librarians on hand to help you find and use the research materials provided by the library, both in print and online.

Thompson Library provides access to:

  • Over 250,000 books shelved in our building and an additional 500,000 ebooks online (available to borrow just like the print books, but readable as full text online).
  • A collection of over 4,000 music CDs and videos in DVD format.
  • Over 1,000 databases offering indexes to scholarly journals and data sets, many full text online.
  • … and so much more!

Plus — this winter, in conjunction with and through the assistance of Student Government as well as the generosity of volunteers within the library, Thompson Library will adjust its hours of operation, extending the time we are open.

Through the end of April 2015, Thompson Library will be open during the following hours:

                Monday  —  Thursday:    8 am to 2 am (18 hours)

                Friday:                                          8 am to 6 pm  (10 hours)

                Saturday:                                  10 am to 6 pm (8 hours)

                Sunday:                                      12 pm to 10 pm (10 hours)