Digitized Graduate Works Report 2018

Over the past three years we have completed our project to digitize our graduate students’ final theses and dissertations. 2018 marks the first year where all our legacy works have been uploaded to Deep Blue.

The following data includes all uploaded works and download counts as of December 2018. 


The number of individual works downloaded each month on 2018.
The total number of downloads that occurred each month.

Deep Blue by the Numbers

  • Total number digitized works: 757
  • Works downloaded at least once: 448 (59%)
  • Total downloads: 114,329
  • Open Access works: 345 (46%)
  • Open Access works downloaded at least once: 345 (100%)
  • Open Access downloads: 114,052 (99.8%)
  • Works accessible only on UM campuses: 412 (54%)
  • Works accessible only on UM campuses downloaded at least once: 103 (25%)
  • On campus downloads: 277 (0.2%)

Yearly Growth

The total number of works in Deep Blue over the past three years.
The number of total individual works downloaded, comparing works that are open access and works that are accessible only on campus.
The total numbers of downloads over the past three years. Comparing works openly accessible and those available only on campus.

Top 10 Downloaded Theses

The download amounts in the following list reflect the all time totals, not just those downloads that occurred in 2018.

Title Author Year Program Downloads
Comparing Public and Private Prison Systems Joseph Shannon Gregson 2000 Public Administration 22,396
Faces of Feminism: The Gibson Girl and the Held Flapper in Early Twentieth Century Mass Culture Raina-Joy Jenifer Palso 2001 Liberal Studies 7,285
The Development of a Post Anesthesia Care Unit Patient Quantitative Assessment/Predictive Tool to Manage Post-Operative Health Alterations Robin E. Cook 2017 Anesthesia 6,688
The Cult of True Womanhood: Women of the Mid-nineteenth Century and Their Assigned Roles as Reflected in Contemporary Writing Laurie Bonventre 2005 Liberal Studies 6,117
Classification: Absolutism vs Relativism Darren Weist 2016 Computer Science 4,962
A Study of Employee Engagement, Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention of Michigan CRNAs Donna Carnahan 2013 Anesthesia 4,407
Is There a Relationship between Class Size and Student Achievement? Mary Lou Ruggles 2003 Public Administration 4,175/td>
Oral Health Status of Students in One Mid-western University Rand Duzdar 2016 Public Health 3,950
Acceptability and Appeal of a Web-based Smoking Prevention Intervention for Adolescents Amy E. Parlove 2003 Health Education 3,076
Hemingway in Turkey:  The Influence of His Turkish Experiences on His Writing Neriman Kuyucu 2013 Liberal Studies 2,433

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Liz Svoboda at esvoboda@umflint.edu.

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