Passwords at University of Michigan-Flint


– – –    WHY  WON’T  MY  PASSWORD  WORK?    – – –


Passwords at UM-Flint can be very confusing for new students.  And sometimes for those of us who have been around a while, too.

Every student and employee has a UM-FLINT password.   AND — every student also has a University of Michigan password (their “umich” password.)   These are two separate passwords, and up until now, they could not be combined into one.

The Flint password works for any protected resource originating on the Flint campus.

This includes UM-Flint student email accounts, AND the various subscription databases provided by Thompson Library.

Why are those databases protected?   They are protected because the license agreement required for subscription limits our Library to providing access to these resources ONLY to University of Michigan-Flint people, either currently registered students or current employees.

Our continued access to these resources is contingent on them remaining protected access resources.

For those that only use Library databases while on campus, no special login is required.   Any online computer is pre-recognized as being authorized to use these databases by dint of being physically on the Flint campus (as identified by the internet login IP address).

For those using our databases from off campus, an automatic prompt requiring a password will pop up on screen before granting access to subscription service products.

But which password works for which service?    Remember, currently each Flint campus student  has TWO University of Michigan passwords.

The simple answer is that any resource that originates from the Ann Arbor campus will require the UM “umich” password (previously referred to as the KERBEROS password).

Any resource that originates from the Flint campus (such as databases subscribed to by the Thompson Library, or Flint campus email system) will require use of the UM-Flint password.

It can be very confusing, especially if you’re not sure WHERE a particular service originates.

This year, ITS (Flint campus Information Technology Systems) and ITD (Ann Arbor campus Information Technology Department) have worked together for a solution to this frustrating conundrum.   And they have a solution that not only allows for a single University of Michigan password, but also maintains the high level of security required today.

However, to get this new “one UM password,” each student must go to the UM password website and change to their new password.


If a student does not change to the new single password, they will continue to have — and use — two separate passwords to access services from the University of Michigan.

To change to the new single password, go to the following website:


For more information about how to select and change a password, please see the ITS HelpDesk QUICKNOTES for Changing Your Password at:


Once the password has been changed, students will be able to use their new, single University of Michigan password for any login required using any UM service, such as the Library databases, or the MIRLYN Library Catalog (list of books owned by the library at UM).

It will make life much simpler for our students, while still maintaining a secure system of access.