No Bones about It — Willson Has Joined the Library!

Sometimes, the resources our patrons — including faculty, staff and students — need to further their research don’t fall under the category of the written word.

Sometimes, those resources need to be a little more <ahem> full-bodied.

For those studying in the health sciences, for instance, sometimes those resources need to be a physical representation of the body parts they are studying.

Enter Willson, the newest member of the Thompson Library.

Willson may be a little thin on conversation, and to be honest, he’s a bit of an air head.  But he’s chock full of valuable learning opportunities.

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Willson, added to our collection in April, is a full body, male human, articulating skeleton.

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While his bones don’t come apart, he can be moved.



And he is available to be checked out — for use inside the library, only.

The skeleton hangs from a mobile rack and can be moved to any location inside the library, such as near one of the tables in the Atrium, or to a group study room.   His loan period is 4 hours.

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As with all library resources, a UMID card is necessary to check out Willson, and he must be returned in good condition.  (Any damage will be charged to the borrower on record.)

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So far, the response from patrons has been overwhelmingly positive to our new addition.  So much so, that the library is considering adding other visual study aids in the future.

One day soon, you may be able to check out Willson’s heart, or perhaps a kit to build a visual representation of a water molecule.

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But for now, Willson stands behind the Circulation counter, near the 3rd floor entrance to the Library.




Come in and see him soon.

(We’ve discovered he LOVES the attention!)