Flint Water Crisis

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Where?   What?  When?   How?


Confused about the current Flint, Michigan water crisis?

Searching for information to help you understand the issues?

Want to know what is being done to help?

What does Flint — the state of Michigan, or the nation — plan on doing to correct the problems?

Do you have questions about the water in Flint, but don’t know where to look?


Hamilton Dam, Flint River (spring, 2013) Flint, Michigan

University of Michigan-Flint librarians have put together a research guide on the Flint Water Crisis, gathering a wide variety of resources on the topic together in one convenient location.

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The resources included in this guide were selected on the basis of their impartiality and factual information provided.

Flint River (Flint, MI) View of Thompson Library from north bank of Flint River.

Open to the general public, the guide can be found on the Thompson Library website under “Subject Guides.”   No login is needed to use this guide or the resources included within the guide.



Flint River in spring. South bank, in front of Thompson Library building, University of Michigan-Flint.

For the convenience of our readers, we include a quick-link to the guide here.

Flint Water Crisis Resource Guide