Thompson Library to Host News Network Broadcast

 Guess who’s coming to the Library?





This week, the official Spring Break for all UM-Flint students, Thompson Library has been invaded by movers.

Reference Librarian Paul Streby looks on as electricians pump up our wiring to handle the expected load needs of the CNN on-site broadcast crew later this week.

Trucks are streaming into the loading area, carpenters are dismantling furniture on the first floor — the beautiful Atrium reading room — and electricians are busy ensuring the wiring is set to handle the load.


CNN  is coming to campus!


IMG_2478 - CopyA temporary broadcast set will be assembled in the Thompson Library Atrium.   Work is expected to continue for the next few days.


If things go well, the University of Michigan-Flint campus will host the news network CNN for several days of on-site broadcast news.

IMG_2451The network will cover topical news of the area, including the presidential campaign and, of course, the Flint water crisis.

While we have no further information on which of the several CNN broadcasters will be here, everyone is excited to see their favorite.

IMG_2480 - CopyWill it be Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Connie Chung or any other of their famous newscasters?


Will YOU be here to see it?

Will they let us anywhere near their temporary facilities?

At this time, we don’t know. But one thing we ARE sure of; it will be exciting!

Watch CNN over the coming few days to see.  Find out what the nation and the world will be learning about our city and what is being done to address the current clean water crisis.

And maybe, you’ll see our beautiful UM-Flint campus — and Thompson Library.