Some of the New Databases Available from Thompson Library

New from Thompson Library, the following  resources!

Databases providing access and information in many formats, all available online in such fields as:

  • Film & Music Industry
  • Specialized Dictionaries
  • Medicine & Drug Industry Data
  • Chemistry
  • Culinary Arts
  • Popular Magazines
  • Elementary & High School Student Resources Online

…   and MORE!!!

For a complete list of new databases , see on Thompson Library website under “Research Guides,” —  NEW & TRIAL RESOURCES.

To find and use any of our databases within a specific subject area, use the Thompson Library website — — and click through to “RESEARCH GUIDES.”   All our resources (including the library catalog of items in our collection, MIRLYN) are found there.


Video Reels Sept 12

  • Film Industry Data  —  This database contains Nielsen data sets from 2000 to the present, including rankings, box office sales, and unit sales in all formats.


  • Music Industry Data  —  Database of historical and current chart data from Billboard, Official Chart Company, and other reporting agencies from over 30 countries.


  • Communication, Film, and Mass Media  —  This ebook collection includes titles relevant to communications, cinema and media studies, advertising, public opinion, journalism, and mass media.


  • Met Opera on Demand  —  Streaming access to more than 500 full-length Metropolitan Opera performances.



  • Latin America in Video  —  Documentaries from Latin America, in their original languages. Topics include human rights, immigration, popular culture, education, political history

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All clip art in Discovery Education's Clip Art Gallery created by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator.
All clip art in Discovery Education’s Clip Art Gallery created
by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator.


  • Dictionary of Substances & Their Effects (DOSE, 3rd Electronic Edition) —  2005 edition. Comprehensive compilation of peer-reviewed health and environmental data on several thousand chemical substances. Includes biological, ecological and toxicological risks, hazards, and effects data and regulatory limits for the substances.

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  • Gait: An Online Tutorial —  Includes the components “General Information,” “Joints,” and “Self-Assessment Quiz.”



  • Health Reference Center Academic  —  Journal and magazine articles, newsletters, e-books, and other sources related to nursing and allied health, and consumer health. 1995-present.


  • Laboratory Hazards Bulletin  —  Monthly bulletin containing key information on hazards encountered by laboratory workers in all fields including R&D, analytical and hospital laboratories, scanned from the primary scientific and trade literature worldwide.



  • Nursing Resource Center  —  Aimed at students completing class assignments and preparing for clinicals as they learn how to care for and treat patients.

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  • Science of Synthesis  —  Provides a critical review of the synthetic methodology for the entire field of organic and organometallic chemistry.


  • Analytical Abstracts  —  Also known as Analytical WebBase, Analytical Abstracts is the premier current awareness and information retrieval service in analytical chemistry. Covers 1980-present.


  • Catalysts & Catalysed Reactions  —  Monthly bulletin containing around 200 new graphical abstracts each month, indexed by reaction under study and by catalytic method.


  • Chemical Hazards in Industry  —  Monthly bulletin containing worldwide information on safety and health hazards surrounding chemicals encountered in the chemical and related industries.


  • ChemSpider  —  Free chemical structure database providing fast text and structure search access to over 32 million structures from hundreds of data sources.


  • Methods in Organic Synthesis  —  Online alerting service covering the most important current developments in organic synthesis. It is designed with the synthetic organic chemist in mind, providing informative reaction schemes and covering new reactions and new methods.


  • Natural Product Updates  —  Provides graphical abstracts of new developments in natural product chemistry, selected from dozens of key primary journals.

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  • Culinary Arts Collection  —  Includes 150 of the major cooking Honors Awards April 2012 Buffect2 Smalland nutrition magazines. Coverage includes thousands of searchable recipes, restaurant reviews, and industry information.



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  • Popular Magazines  —  Over 1,000 of the most searched Newstandmagazines across Gale/InfoTrac products. All the titles were selected based on actual publication searches performed by library patrons. This database is 100% full text and includes over 600 titles recommended by Bowker’s “Magazines for Libraries”.


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  • eBook K-8 Collection  —  Full text books designed specifically to school-bus9[1]support a quality learning experience for K-8 students across all academic subjects from History, to Language and Literature, to Science & Technology.]


  • Junior Edition  —  Designed for students in junior high and middle library-book-cart[1]school with access to a variety of indexed and full-text magazines, newspapers, and reference books, for information on current events, the arts, science, popular culture, health, people, government, history, sports, and more.