New Books Arrive at Thompson Library


Bound for the Browsing Shelf — Books with a Michigan Twist!


With interest high on the new books arriving on our shelves this summer, we offer a new column / category for our readers:  New Books Arrive!

Most of our New Books are going to head to the Main Collection, but a select group will be bound (sorry about that pun!) for the BROWSING COLLECTION, including books that make the best seller lists, both fiction and non-fiction, and books that are about (or authored by people from) Michigan.

Here is the latest collection to hit our shelves.  All books on the Browsing Collection shelves can be checked out for one week.   (Hey, they’re all easy reads and riveting, so you’ll take them to bed with you and lose sleep when you find you can’t put them down!)   Renew for an additional week (if you find you really MUST sleep).

The Browsing Collection is located on the 3rd floor of Thompson Library, on the shelves directly to the north (right) of the Reference Librarian Desk and the wall of windows across the building.  They are VERY easy to find.

If you’re interested in the other new books (the ones associated with research that will be placed in the main collection after their stint on the New Book Shelf), they can be found on the 3rd floor of our library as well, but behind the Reference Librarian’s desk (between the Reference Desk and the back wall).

But — as always — if you need help, just ask.   Reference Librarians are there to answer your questions, from help learning how to use any of our resources, to finding where materials can be accessed on our website, to good old fashion directions within our building.

And hey, all of our Reference Librarians are very friendly, too.   Ask one for help sometime and see them in action.

Librarians.  The Super Heroes of the Information Age!


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