LIBRARY PROFILE – Matthew Wolverton

Another one of our “locals,” Matt spent his young years in Mundy Township, the former Village of Rankin, and attended Carman-Ainsworth.

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Picture1A transfer student to UM-Flint, Matt graduated from our campus with a degree in English literature and history, then later graduated from Wayne State with a masters in Library Science.    According to Matt, the library degree is the result of an existential crisis, no doubt brought on by his years as a student employee of the Thompson Library.

Picture2During grad school, Matt joined several of his high school buddies in a band where he played guitar and bass.   For the next 8 years, their band intermittently toured the United States and Canada where, according to Matt, they “shot a music video, put out some albums, opened for some interesting bands, headlined shows in front of at least 3 people in bars 1500 miles from home and generally had both a wonderful and awful time.”

Along with a roommate from Detroit, Matt also had a “noise” duo; together they wrote, recorded and played music in abaonded factories, residential basements, downtown apartments and other hipster locales around Detroit and its inner ring suburbs.

Picture5For a little over 7 years after graduate school, Matt worked as the Operations Manager for a couple of different musical instrument retail locations for Guitar Center.   He lost interest in playing music after his years of roughing it on the road as a rocker, however. Instead his interests returned to his roots as a native Michigander — outdoor activities in our winter/water wonderland.   Specifically, Matt loves to fish — whether it’s from a boat, from the shore, from a dock or ice fishing, Matt loves to fish.   (He mentions he’s recently been getting his ice fishing gear ready for winter.)

Picture4He is an avid gardener, and finds the creative process of planning, planting and reaping that results in fresh and healthy food for his family is extremely satisfying.   He likes to ferment his own foodstuffs as well, be it sauerkraut, beer or wine, he loves producing something delicious with his own hands.

Picture6And he likes to get out there and be in the environment — he frequently bikes to work and has recently taken up cross country skiing, which he loves.   He waxes poetic as he considers the potential of a good snowfall in our near future!  While he is proud that the cycling supports his keen interest in protecting the environment, he does have a warning to share with anyone considering skiing; do NOT go skiing by oneself on a remote, hilly hiking trail in the Huron National Forest with no cell phone service.   Experience, he emphasizes, is a harsh teacher.

Matt worked at the Thompson Library as a librarian on our Reference Desk (part time) for 4 years before an opening allowed him to apply, interview and finally accept an offer for a full time position as faculty on our campus.   His position is as electronic resources management librarian, a task that allows our library to track access to digital resources from a variety of sources, simplifying use by our patrons, maximizing our online delivery and minimizing our overall costs.

Picture3Matt’s proudest accomplishment to date is his “brilliant and beautiful son,” Owen Hudson Wolverton.   These days Matt spends his time chasing Owen around and attempting to satisfy his unquenchable desire to read.





Picture7Matt says that even though Owen is only 14 months old, he LOVES to flip through books and look at pictures, particularly those with soccer balls.

Matt is convinced Owen is a genius.

We believe it, too, Matt!